Posted on 26/10/2020

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Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of glowing mushrooms in Taiwan

Nature will never cease to surprise us - not only are there some insects, and marine mammals that glow in the dark, but it is also the case for certain types of fungi. The island of Taiwan is one of the best places in the world to contemplate this strange phenomenon, and every autumn there are hundreds of thousands of people that come to watch it. So don't miss out, come and check it out too.

A surprising gift of nature

A surprising gift of nature ę lkin Quliyev/123RF

We all know about the Waitomo Glowworm Caves in New Zealand, or the Bioluminescent Mosquito Bay in Puerto Rico, but in Taiwan when autumn comes, a lesser-known but very impressive event takes place: tens of thousands of mushrooms start glowing at nightfall, engulfing the forests with their fluorescent lights.

Blue, green, orange, yellow or red, the striking tones of these mushrooms give some colours to the nights in Taiwan, prompting both locals and tourists to go on walks and night tours in order to contemplate the splendid phenomenon called foxfire or bioluminescence. It is present in up to 71 different species of mushrooms, and 9 of them (including the famous Chlorophos Mycena) can be found in Formosa. The best places to contemplate this natural sight are between Alishan and Chiayi, as well as near the national parks of Sheding and Kenting.

Just like most mushrooms, this particular mushroom plays a very important role in the conservation of the environment and its protection. In order to fully enjoy it, it is best to watch them at night, as they become less and less bright when the sun comes up.

One of the natural wonders of Taiwan

One of the natural wonders of Taiwan ę ANAKE SEENADEE/123RF

Without a doubt, this incredible phenomenon is one of the most interesting tourist attractions in Taiwan - a country with plenty of natural wonders, such as snowy mountains, exotic and tropical beaches, as well as many national parks, protected forests, thermal waters and other attractions that are really worth the visit. But considering the current health situation worldwide, it is probably better to wait until next fall for a visit.