Incredible hikes to discover the natural beauty of Europe
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Hiking is a cheap and cheerful activity to do. It's a great travel experience and an awesome way to immerse yourself in nature for a day. Europe is home to many unique and very different kinds of hiking trails. Have a read of our top suggestions for hiking lovers and for everyone.

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  • The Azores, Portugal
    The Azores, Portugal

    The Azores Islands are perfect for nature and trekking lovers. Further in the Atlantic Ocean, more than 1400 kilometers from Lisbon you can find the archipelago of The Azores. This group of nine volcanic islands offer breathtaking landscapes. The islands are characterized by dramatic landscapes, fishing villages, green pastures and hedgerows of blue hydrangeas. Any of the nine islands are perfect for hiking lovers. If you need a dip to refresh in the warm summers, then you can choose from the 40 blue flag beaches that the island has to offer.

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  • Douro, Portugal
    Douro, Portugal

    One of the most beautiful and oldest wine areas in the world can be found in the Douro region, in Portugal. Hiking through the immense valleys and the train journey from Porto to the Douro slopes will lead you to an amazing vineyard terrace scenery. The views here are incredible and strolling through the region will make you feel like a wine expert. You can visit wine cellars, family businesses or big businesses and learn how the wine and Port wine you drink is produced. At nighttime you can stay in wine farms, delight yourself with homemade diners and drink the wines' produces on your doorstep. Proud locals, top quality wine and a traditional lifestyle make this a unique place to visit in Europe.

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  • Camino de Santiago, Spain
    Camino de Santiago, Spain

    This pilgrimage way has been walked by thousands for centuries and eight main routes to Santiago have been developed. The most popular route, the Camino Francés, which starts in France at St Jean Pied de Port, crosses the Pyrenees, passes along the north of Spain through the Basque country, Navarre, Rioja, Castilla y Leon and Galicia before reaching Santiago de Compostela. Although a religious pilgrimage many non-religious people have willingly completed this walk. Not just for the beautiful nature surrounding regions covered but also Santiago de Compostela.

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  • Piodão, Portugal
    Piodão, Portugal

    Piodão is a protected landscape area buried in the Serra do Açor. As well as breathtaking views, the historical village of Piodão is reminiscent of a crib because of the harmonious way in which its houses are arranged in the form of an ampitheatre. The roads here are also very narrow and the houses are rather 'petit'. What's different and unique about this village is the material used to construct the homes, Schist. This stone is found in great abundance in the area and it is used to build houses and pavements. There is a large patch of uniform colour which is interrupted by the vivid blue found in windows and doors. The village is very isolated which makes it hard for people to travel anywhere else. However, thanks to the isolating factor, the village has managed to preserve the characteristics of an ancient village. This tiny and unique village, Piodão would be a great destination to discover by foot.

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  • King's Trail, Sweden
    King's Trail, Sweden

    The most famous part of the King's Trail is the northern section in Lapland. This is a historic 440km long-distance walking path. The landscape constantly changes but it is always spectacular, as you travel through a natural valley surrounded by mountains. The Abisko-Kebnekaise route is one of the most chosen hiking tours for walkers seeking an inspiring and uplifting mountain hiking experience without the need to be exceptionally fit. Your accommodation along the Kungsleden route will be in mountain huts. Swedish mountain huts are comfortable and welcoming places to come to after a day's walking and they blends in well with the natural surroundings. In the huts there is a spirit of teamwork and you will cook meals together with your fellow hikers and share washing up duties etc.

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Europe has a number of destinations that can be explored, and most of which must be, explored by foot. From mountainous terrain to warm baths our suggestions offer a variety of incredible hiking destination that you might have never even heard of.