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Indian delicacies that you can learn to cook from home
Posted on 26/03/2020


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Knowing a country's gastronomy is also knowing the culture, that's why we love learning new recipes. And for people in Britain, Indian food is almost a second part of our gastronomy, so if you miss your curry house in these lockdown times, here are 10 of the best Indian dishes that you can learn to cook from home.

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  • Samosas

    Samosas are a starter, which is very similar to an empanada and that you can find in countries close to India, such as Pakistan or Tibet. They are shaped like triangles, and are fried and filled with ingredients such as cheese, eggs, spicy ground meat, potatoes, cauliflower, or lentils...

  • Masala Dosa
    Masala Dosa

    Masala Dosa is a vegetarian dish, which is a rolled crepe made of lentils and rice filled with potatoes, onions, curry, turmeric and coriander. It is usually eaten with various sauces, and is a speciality of southern India, although it can be found anywhere in the country.

  • Chole bhature
    Chole bhature

    Chole bhature is another Indian appetizer, made of fried bread that swells and is eaten with chole, a paste of spicy chickpeas and spices. It is typical from northern India, the Punjab regions, and is often found in street stalls and eaten for breakfast.

  • Thali

    Thali is a round stainless steel tray with bowls that contain various dishes such as rice, dhal, vegetables, chapati, papad or curd.

  • Kati rolls
    Kati rolls

    Kati rolls are a kind of kebab made of a thin paratha bread dough, which is rolled with lamb (although it can also be made with chicken) and vegetables inside. People usually eat it with a refreshing sauce such as lime or lemon or chaat masala, a mixture of spices that contains mango powder.