Innovative ways to document your holiday
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There's nothing quite like looking at old videos and photos of past holidays and reminiscing about the lovely time that you had. Today we have the privilege of living in a digital world that's constantly changing so the innovative ways to document a holiday are endless. From creating fun one second videos to travel apps to customising objects check out our top ways to document a holiday.

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  • Create your own postcards
    Create your own postcards

    Avoid sending out generic postcards to friends and family and create your own. Personalised postcards are a fun and meaningful way of documenting a holiday and sharing it with loved ones. There are many online free postcard makers so there's a range of different platforms to choose from.

  • Make one second videos
    Make one second videos

    One second videos are on the rise. The popular app known as "1 Second Everyday: Video Diary" documents just a second of an event in your life. This particular app was created to make life stories and document memories by taking just a snippet of a day in your life. Despite it being just one second, these small videos all compile together to make an awesome documentation, making it ideal for documenting long stay holidays or a series of holidays over the year. So head to China and document yourself posing in front of The Great Wall, trying real authentic Chinese food for the first time or strolling through the amazing Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. This app ensures that you wouldn't forget life's moments so sit back, relax, watch and remember parts of your holiday.

  • Use Polarsteps travel app
    Use Polarsteps travel app

    Are you a massive fan of travel journals? Have you always dreamt about having a travel journal that documents all your memories but you don't have much time on your hands to put something together? Polarsteps is a handy app that automatically tracks your route and places you've visited while you are travelling. Whether you're doing an around the world trip in 80 days or exploring the beautiful French countryside this app will document it all. Just carry your phone in your pocket and the app creates your own beautiful travel journal. Once connected to the internet, your travel routes, locations and photos are all transferred to your personal traveller profile. Polarsteps then plots where your route is on a colourful world map. At the end of your trip, you can instantly order a beautiful printed photo album that can be shared with loved ones.

  • Vlog

    Vlogging is a fun and interactive way of documenting your holiday. Whether you decide to vlog live or film and edit your content later it's a great way of keeping people back home updated with the ins and outs of your travelling adventures. Document your holiday in an innovative way by including some of the people that you've met whilst travelling, take part in a challenge or show yourself getting up to something fun and adventurous.

  • Create a memory jar
    Create a memory jar

    This is a very cheap and cheerful way of documenting your holiday. Empty an old jam jar or get one from an old antique store. Fill it with all of the tickets, receipts, change, notes and little memoires from your trip. If you're ever feeling nostalgic you can get it out and reminisce over the fun things that you got up to.


Try one of these fun and creative innovative ways to document a holiday and share your holiday experience with friends and family.