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What's hiding inside Singapore's new extravagant airport
Posted on 23/04/2019


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Singapore's Changi Airport has been titled as the best in the world for the past seven years in a row and recently it got even better! The long awaited Jewel Changi Airport finally opened its doors to the public last week on April 17th. The new, breathtaking complex inside Singapore's airport houses an indoor forest, the world's tallest indoor waterfall, mazes, children's play facilities, slides, bridges and hundreds of high-end shops and restaurants. The area is the result of four years of construction and a $1.25 billion investment. Waiting for your plane has never been more fun, so fun that you might even hope your flight is delayed!

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  • A 135,700-square-meter masterpiece
    A 135,700-square-meter masterpiece

    The Jewel, the new facility inside the Changi Airport in Singapore, spans over 135,700 square meters and has 10 stories. The massive complex was designed by a large team of architects led by Moshe Safdie, the architect behind Singapore's Marina Bay Sands and the National Gallery of Canada. The glass and steel building has a doughnut-shaped roof and extends five levels above ground and five levels below.

    Besides linking Terminals 1, 2 and 3, the new Changi area features dramatic green spaces, art installations, an enormous shopping mall, leisure facilities and nature activities. The concept combines a marketplace with a lush green space and its designers describe it as 'a city in a garden.'

  • A towering waterfall is the central attraction
    A towering waterfall is the central attraction

    The biggest highlight of the stunning airport and its centerpiece is the impressive waterfall, dubbed the Rain Vortex, which is reportedly the largest indoor waterfall on the planet. The waterfall is dazzling both by day and night, and it's a true spectacle for its visitors. The Rain Vortex flows 40 meters from the top of the building to the basement, and by night the waterfall becomes the stage for a spectacular light-and-sound-show.

  • Escape to a green indoor wonderland
    Escape to a green indoor wonderland

    The Vortex Waterfall is located in the heart of the Forest Valley, a green oasis in the middle of the airport. The five-story garden is home to around 3,000 trees and palms and more than 100,000 shrubs, making it one of Singapore's largest indoor collections of plants. Featuring walking trails, smaller waterfalls, and a seating and resting area, the Forest Valley is an ideal to escape from the hustle and bustle of a busy airport.

  • It has more than 100 dining spots, an IMAX cinema and much more
    It has more than 100 dining spots, an IMAX cinema and much more

    Another key attraction in the airport is the Canopy Park, which will house areas like the Bouncing Net, Discovery Slides, Hedge and Mirror Maze, Foggy Bowls, Petal Garden, Experience Studio and Canopy Bridge. But those looking forward to these attractions will have to be patient because they are planned to open in a few months' time. Located on the top floor with an area of more than 14,000 square feet, Canopy Park will be a true wonderland for people of all ages. Mazes and bouncing nets as well as a special play area will amaze children, and adults can enjoy taking strolls among the lush, blooming gardens. Some of the most tantalizing plans for the park include a 50-meter glass-floored bridge, walking nets, trampolines, mazes and slides.

    If you're feeling hungry, you're also in safe hands here. With more than 100 dining spots, the cuisine on offer at Changi Airport is a true heaven on earth for foodies. The culinary options are diverse. From original American burgers to authentic Japanese dishes, the list of dining possibilities is seemingly endless!

  • This is only the beginning of a larger airport expansion
    This is only the beginning of a larger airport expansion

    Changi Airport has been named the best in the world for the past few years, and it's worked hard to maintain that title. The Jewel facility is only a part of a bigger project. The whole plan involves a complete renovation of Terminal 1, which will increase its capacity from 65 million to 85 million passengers annually. Also, a whole new Terminal 5 is in the works, with an expected opening date sometime after 2030. It's believed that the new terminal will be about the size of all four terminals put together. When construction is finally done, the airport will have a 140 million passenger-per-year capacity.