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Tunnel of Love: is Ukraine home to the most romantic place on Earth?
Posted on 17/03/2019 14 shares


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When we think of romance we think of spring strolls through Parisian streets or exploring the many sights of Rome by Vespa. A trip to Ukraine doesn't really spring to mind. But after discovering Ukraine's fairy tale-like Tunnel of Love, this country is bound to find itself on your wanderlust list.

The Tunnel of Love

The Tunnel of Love

What is it?

Thought to be between three to five kilometers in length, the Tunnel of Love is a section of an industrial railway in western Ukraine. But it's not like any regular railway you'll find back home, this stretch of railway is nestled in a tunnel of perfectly positioned leafy branches, worlds away from our National Rail!

Where is it?

Undiscovered until 2011, not only is the formation of the Tunnel of Love ambiguous, but so is its location! It is thought to sit somewhere along the Kovel-Rivne line that connects Klevan and the village of Orzhiv.

This line splits itself in two, one track leading to Klevan and the other heading to a secret military base from the Cold War era, which many think is still in use! That's another unsolved mystery for a different day, but what's for sure is that this tunnel is still part of a working railway route, crossed by trains from a nearby plywood factory several times a day. So if you plan to pay a visit, make sure to keep your eyes peeled before strolling across its tracks!

When to visit?

A visit here at any time of year here is undoubtedly spectacular, particularly with your significant other by your side. But having said that there are times in the year when this enchanting tunnel is particularly beautiful.

If you're crazy about fall foliage, it's best to plan your visit around Ukraine's autumn months for magnificent amber and red hues. But this destination is equally Instagrammable blanketed in freshly fallen snow in winter or in full bloom in spring!

What's the story behind it?

Besides its idyllic scenery, what makes this tunnel so romantic? Just like any other mysterious place around the world, Ukraine's Tunnel of Love is steeped with stories. Local legend has it that couples who visit are granted a wish, providing that their intentions are sincere!

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