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Tea around the world: it's not just the British who love it!
Posted on 11/08/2020


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Here's your guide to the top destinations for you to explore at some point if you love tea! Not only will you discover the vast variety of tea available thoughout the world, you'll also discover the rich and unique culture of each of country!

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  • For the love of tea
    For the love of tea

    You'd be hard pushed to find something more quintessentially British than a cup of tea. So maybe you'd be surprised to know that in alist of the top 20 tea-consuming nations, Britain falls 12th! After water, tea is the second most consumed drink around the world. But what's so good about it and why do we love it so much? Perhaps it's the taste, the immense variety on offer, the associated health benefits, or maybe it's the fact that having a cup of tea is universally associated with community, coming together and belonging? Take a look at the tea-loving countries that are worth paying a visit to if you're one of the many who loves a good cuppa.

  • India

    India is one of the largest tea growers in the world and should definitely be on your list of tea destinations to visit. Assam is the largest tea producing region in the country and Jorhat, the central part of this remote northeastern region, goes by the name of the Tea Capital of the World. With an abundance of history, culture and attractions (as well as the lush greenery of the tea plantations!) you won't be short of something to do on your trip to India!

    Darjeeling is another town in India well-known for its sweet aromatic tea and is rightly called the champagne of teas. This region is also steeped in history: Darjeeling was a popular holiday spot for the British Raj elite of the former British Indian Empire and is home to the quirky Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, otherwise known as the Toy Train.

  • China

    It is in China that tea originated. The ancient deified king, Shennong, discovered tea by chance when a tea leaf from an overhanging tea tree fell into his pot of boiling water. I guess we've all got a lot to thank him for! It figures that China is renowned for its tea and each region has their own speciality. Suzhou is famous for its classical gardens (all 60 of them, which together make up a UNESCO World Heritage site!), its canals and its bridges. Suzhou's green spiral tea is China's second most popular tea after the dragon well tea, found in another of China's eastern provinces. In the same province, you can also visit the China National Tea Museum, a great place for any tea enthusiast to deepen their love and appreciation for the esteemed brew.

  • Cornwall, UK
    Cornwall, UK

    Tregothan, Cornwall, is home to the first English tea grown in England and upon visiting these idyllic estate gardens, which epitomise British tea and culture, you can purchase an array of black, green and herbal homegrown teas. Cornwall is a region of England that is surrounded by idyllic natural beauty: from its gardens, to its beaches, to the renowned Eden project which houses a variety of exotic plants from around the world. If you love nature and all things typically british, then Cornwall is a destination to add to your list! Furthermore, no trip to Cornwall would be complete without experiencing a traditional Cornish cream tea!

  • Turkey

    In comparison to many other countries, tea is a relatively recent phenomenon in Turkey (growing in popularity at the turn of the twentieth century). What's more, the scorching Turkish climate which attracts so many tourists isn't ideal for growing tea. However, tea still forms an integral part of Turkish culture and community. A region in which tea abounds in a setting of luscious flora and fauna is Turkey's blacksea coast. This illustrious region offers a host of idyllic towns you can visit, along with an extensive range of tea and hazelnut farms.


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