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Jamaica plans to expand its tourism destinations
Posted on 18/07/2019


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The Jamaican government is looking into expanding tourism in the country beyond its six typical resorts areas.

The government wants to maximize Jamaica's tourism potential

The government wants to maximize Jamaica's tourism potential
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Jamaica's Minister of Tourism, Edmund Bartlett, stated that the government is aiming to create "mini-destinations" that will attract a large number of tourists in the future. "I am telling you that there are a number of places that we are looking at which are just loaded with potential," he declared. Another goal is to create more job opportunities in the tourism industry for Jamaicans and to spread tourism revenue to other communities.

Jamaica is home six traditional resorts areas: Montego Bay, Kingston, the South Coast, Ocho Rios, Port Antonia and Negril.

Edmund Bartlett would like future tourists to discover all aspects of Jamaica, its culture and population thanks to a larger range of tourism offers and locations. The Minister visited some of the targeted locations two weeks ago in order to evaluate their potential as tourist resorts. Mentioning the Clarendon parish, Bartlett highlighted its potential as an eco-friendly destination.

The government's plan includes other places such as the parish of Saint Mary, an area in northeastern Jamaica, where sustainable tourism could be developed in the future and which may become the new popular travel destinations. This ambitious plan is part of the Jamaican Ministry of Tourism's five-year strategy for development announced last year.

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