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LEGOLAND Japan breaks records by creating a cherry blossom tree with over 80,000 LEGO bricks
Posted on 21/04/2018


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Springtime in Japan can only mean one thing - Sakura season. Every year locals and tourists swarm gardens, fields and even side streets to take part in the activity of Hanami, (the annual Japanese custom tradition of flower viewing).

Guinness World Record title for the largest LEGO cherry blossom tree

Guinness World Record title for the largest LEGO cherry blossom tree

This year the Sakura season is more special than the rest due to the construction of a model of a cherry tree built from an impressive number of 881,470 LEGO bricks.

This 7348-pound structure is made entirely out of LEGO bricks and it has rightfully earned the Guinness World Record title for the largest LEGO cherry blossom tree.

LEGOLAND Japan, the Nagoya-based theme park, built this tree to commemorate its first anniversary of the opening of LEGOLAND Japan.

Torben Jensen, president of LEGOLAND Japan Ltd, stated to the Lonely Planet after finding out about the official record being set, "I'm excited to showcase this world's largest LEGO® brick cherry blossom tree. I hope that visitors enjoy a piece of Japanese culture in LEGOLAND® Japan-style."

The tree was built and designed by a team of expert builders at the LEGO factory in the Czech Republic.

The team spent a whopping 6700 hours assembling the 881,470 plastic blocks around metal support pipes.

It was then disassembled into six parts and shipped by a truck to Luxembourg.

Finally, the tree's parts were loaded into two separate Boeing 747-8 cargo planes and flown to Nagoya in Japan for final assembly.

If that isn't impressive enough, the tree also features a set of decorative lanterns (made of LEGO), which light up during the evening.

The cherry blossom is known to be an icon of springtime in Japan. Each year the people of Japan try and commemorate this tree by holding festivals and creating cherry blossom flavoured treats. However, this latest homage to the tree could be considered to be the most ambitious yet.

If you're in the country, you should definitely grab the opportunity to see this spectacular sight before it gets dismantled.

Visitors have until May 6th to get up close and personal to this LEGO masterpiece.