Look beyond the sand and into the hidden diversity of the greatest deserts in the world
Posted on 26/11/2020


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When you think of a desert, you may automatically picture an expansive landscape filled with nothing but sand. Although many deserts do look exactly like the image in your head, we're here to tell you that deserts are much more diverse than you think. These eight deserts are spread across the world and all of them are charming in their own way so buckle up because everything you thought you knew about deserts is soon going to change!

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  • Atacama Desert, Chile & Peru
    Atacama Desert, Chile & Peru

    The Atacama Desert is known to be the driest place on Earth and it stretches all the way from Peru to Chile. It receives less than one millimeter of rainfall every year, but don't be fooled - just because it's dry and looks seemingly empty doesn't mean that it's void of life. In fact, one million people rely on this expansive area for their livelihood. People grow their dry-weather crops in this desert, there are many fishing villages along the coast. This desert is also famous for its copper mines. The extreme temperature of this landscape makes it hard for most animals to survive here, but the ones that do are particularly unique to the area, like red scorpions and grey foxes. If you head towards the coasts on the Pacific, you'll even see penguins and sea lions.