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Lufthansa introduces internet service on short- and medium-haul flights
Posted on 10/07/2016


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As of October this year, Lufthansa's first short-and medium-haul aircraft equipped with broadband internet will take to the skies.

Lufthansa expects its entire A320 family fleet to have the innovative technology installed by mid-2018, after the first aircraft was equipped with the technology in June of this year.

Staying connected in the air

Staying connected in the air
© Lasse Fuss/CC BY-SA 3.0

The future from Lufthansa, and its technology partner Inmarsat, is based on the latest broadband satellite technology and offers seamless, reliable coverage on short- and medium-haul flights through Inmarsat's Global Xpress network.

Passengers will be able to access the internet using their own mobile devices via Wi-Fi. In addition to basic surfing and email, other more sophisticated applications will be possible, including video streaming.

At a later date, passengers will be able to use their cellphones for SMS and data transfer via their own mobile accounts.

Lufthansa actually carried out the world's first scheduled flight with broadband internet access way back in January 2003. Despite its growing popularity among passengers, the technically reliable service had to be discontinued in 2006 because the Connexion by Boeing satellites ceased commercial operations.

Since December 2010 Lufthansa resumed its broadband internet service on intercontinental flights and since June 2015 FlyNet has been available on all 107 long-haul aircraft in the Lufthansa fleet - making it the world's largest internet-connected long-haul fleet.

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