A luxury rainforest in the Dubai desert
Posted on 20/08/2016

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Not long from now you'll be able to make your way through the rainforest in the most unlikely place: Dubai! With a new luxury hotel due that's equipped with an integrated beach and jungle, this hotel is set to be unique in more ways than one!

Scheduled to open in 2018 the new, luxurious 5-star resort will be equipped not only with an integrated beach, but also with an artificial jungle. 'The Rosemont Hotel and Residence', a part of the Hilton group, really does look like making the Middle East's hospitality industry even more weird and wonderful.

The desert's rainforest

The desert's rainforest
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Dubai is already home to the highest skyscraper in the world and soon the UAE's most populous city will probably boast the most complex and swanky hotel as well. The Rosemont Hotel and Residence will be equipped with 450 luxury rooms and 280 exquisite apartments, distributed between two extraordinary and inter-connected skyscrapers.

The Canadian architectural firm responsible for the hotel, ZAS, is planning to spend over £230 million (over $300 million) on the construction of this vast and exceptionally well-equipped hotel. Among the 53 towers in the two towers, you'll find several exquisite restaurants, a cinema, a spa, a gym, a bowling center, an amusement park for children, an aquarium and even a skydiving simulator to reside.

Two towers of luxury

Two towers of luxury
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If you thought that was the peak of the luxury on offer, then the flagship of the Hilton's group Curio is sure to take it to the next level. The hotel is actually going to have an artificial but authentic rainforest and a beach on the 5th floor of the two towers.

At around 7,000m², the indoor rainforest to will have its own integrated rain system to create a ?real tropical' rain, so that visitors and residents can feel like they're deep in the rainforest but with technology that will stop them from ever actually getting wet.

A marvel of science or unnecessary?

A marvel of science or unnecessary?
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As if all this is not enough, the hotel also provides one of the most breathtaking views of Dubai's skyline - even just from the pool!

The pool has been carefully designed by architects to have a 'sky bar' alongside a 'sky pool', where you can cool off, sip your cocktail while admiring the magnificent skyscrapers of Dubai in front of you - now we could definitely get used to that!

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