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7 tips to make your travel experience spark joy
Posted on 29/09/2019

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After her recent Netflix documentary and successful book Spark Joy, Marie Kondo has taken the world by storm with her minimalist mantra. Kondo encourages people to rid themselves of the things in their life that fail to spark joy in an attempt to focus on the more important aspects of our lives. This idea can not only be used in our day to day routine but also in our time off and especially when it comes to travelling.

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  • The benefits of travelling like a minimalist
    The benefits of travelling like a minimalist

    Travelling can often be a stressful and complicated experience: trying to find the best deal, finding the best sites to visit, packing everything you need and navigating your chosen destination. A minimalist perspective could help alleviate some of these common stresses faced by travellers and holiday makers. With that in mind, here are 7 minimalist tips to help ensure a chilled out trip allowing you to focus on what sparks joy.

  • Work out your priorities
    Work out your priorities

    Before you choose your destination, work out what genuinely sparks holiday joy for you and whoever you're going with so you can use this to shape your priorities for the trip. Do you want to try loads of new food? See some cool art? Relax and do as little as possible? It doesn't matter what your priorities are, just that they are yours. If you have a solid idea of your priorities you will avoid wasting time on anything you're not too fussed about.

  • Make a short, categorised list of your must-do activities
    Make a short, categorised list of your must-do activities

    Once you've thought about your priorities, you can turn them into a list or brainstorm of activities that are specific to your destination. If you're not a big fan of meticulous planning, this doesn't have to be a day by day itinerary but simply a few places or restaurants you'd be gutted if you didn't visit. Hopefully, a quick research will also avoid any disappointment or FOMO disrupting your trip when places might be closed on certain days or require pricey tickets.

  • Be realistic with your packing
    Be realistic with your packing

    It's a tale as old as time: Going on a weekend trip to Barcelona in June? Must pack 3 outfit changes a day and a ski jacket, just in case. Whether it's clothes, toiletries or other miscellaneous junk, everyone is guilty at some point of being completely impractical with packing. Instead, be realistic. Check the weather, refer to your list of activities, pick outfits you feel comfortable and happy in and NO! However cute they are, you don't need those painful new shoes you just bought.

  • Think multi-purpose
    Think multi-purpose

    If you're struggling to whittle down your packing list for whatever reason, multi-purpose items might be a life-saver. Try all-in-one soaps that you can use for your hair, clothes, body and face. Or maybe avoid bringing a laptop and loads of books by opting for a tablet or e-reader that can also store your travel documents. This can also work with outfits by picking clothing you know go well with multiple things in your wardrobe.