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Meet the 10 most beautiful train stations in the world
Posted on 21/05/2019


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Traveling by train may take longer than flying, but in many ways it's a more enriching experience. Firstly, it's usually cheaper so you'll get to see much more for less. The views from your train window are absolutely impressive and this way you get to see a slice of rural parts of the country as well. It's usually stress-free and way less complicated than travelling by car or a plane and after all it's a full-time adventure! If we've intrigued you, read on!

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  • Traveling by train is underrated
    Traveling by train is underrated

    The best way to fully experience a country and get a glimpse of local life is to go on a train journey! Road trips and flights might at times be faster or more convenient, but with train travel you experience so much more. Meeting new people, sightseeing, saving money and keeping a flexible schedule are just some of its many pros. But another exciting part of discovering new cities and countries by train are the amazing train stations you get to visit!

    From lavish Baroque stations to futuristic and modern masterpieces, these train stations around the globe will make your train travel even more pleasant and what's a better way to pass time than to marvel at stunning architecture? Get inspired with our list and we won't blame you if you take the train next time!

  • 1. Atocha Station, Madrid, Spain
    1. Atocha Station, Madrid, Spain

    Atocha station is the largest railway station in Spain. Since it's located in the heart of Madrid, almost anyone who visits the city will come across this station at least once, and almost no one can remain indifferent to its striking beauty and imposing architecture. The original station opened back in 1851 but was destroyed by a fire a few years later. The station can thank the architect Alberto Palacio for its current good looks, who also collaborated with the famous Gustave Eiffel. The biggest highlights are the glass ceiling over 82 feet high and the miniature jungle that makes Atocha so inviting!

  • 2. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai, India
    2. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai, India

    This historic railway station is so iconic that it's even protected by the UNESCO. One of the busiest stations in Mumbai, it represents a fine example of Victorian-Gothic style architecture in India. Formerly known as Victoria Terminus, it was built in the 19th century and it's meant to evoke an East-meets-West style. Arriving by train to Mumbai will ensure you have the best first impression of the city!

  • 3. Antwerpen-Centraal, Antwerp, Belgium
    3. Antwerpen-Centraal, Antwerp, Belgium

    Antwerp's main train station is the epitome of a beautiful European train station. Considered to be a real masterpiece of railway architecture, Antwerp Central Station never fails to amaze travelers with its imposing structure and lavish design. Take a stroll around its busy corners or just grab a coffee and enjoy watching people and trains go by. If you're leaving by rail, arrive a bit earlier to the station so you can explore its hidden parts and marvel its glorious architecture before you head off to your next destination.

  • 4. Kanazawa Station, Kanazawa, Japan
    4. Kanazawa Station, Kanazawa, Japan

    This station is the main entry point for most visitors coming to Kanazawa, a city situated in the Ishikawa Prefecture of Japan. Even though it was built in 1898, it got its big makeover in 2005 when its most recognizable features were designed. The biggest highlights of this futuristic station are the glass-and-steel dome and the giant wooden gate. The sacred gate is the most impressive and striking part of the station, mostly because it resembles a torii gate which usually stands in front of a Japanese shrine. This large glass dome is called "Motenashi", which means "welcome" in Japanese and it's possibly the most awe-inspiring welcome to Kanazawa you can get!


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