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Meet summer 2019's hottest party destination
Posted on 01/05/2019


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Bulgaria is becoming more and more of a trendy summer destination, especially after it was dubbed the cheapest summer destination in 2019. Offering a great price-to-quality ratio and amazing beach resorts, a holiday in Bulgaria won't break the bank but also won't disappoint with beautiful nature and excellent seaside resorts. With miles-long sandy beaches and the hottest summer beach parties, Bulgaria's coastline is the ultimate destination for both getting some summer sun and clubbing all night.

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  • Sunny Beach is Europe's new party capital
    Sunny Beach is Europe's new party capital

    Bulgaria is not just about sandy beaches and family resorts, but it's also famed as a party destination. The best and most popular Bulgarian party spot during the summer is the famous Sunny Beach, situated on the Black Sea Coast, attracting more and more young people every year. Compared to other party destinations like Ibiza, Lloret de Mar and Zrce, Sunny Beach offers much cheaper prices for the same amount of fun. Besides bustling nightlife, it features beautiful scenery, relaxing beaches, delicious local food and an endless list of fun activities.

    From parasailing and diving to amusement parks and spas, Sunny Beach has something to offer everyone. If you're still not convinced, here are 10 reasons to get you packing!

  • 1. The prices are affordable
    1. The prices are affordable

    For the sixth year in a row, Sunny Beach has been named as the cheapest summer destination in Europe. That's good news for all travelers on a budget, especially for Brits, who will be shocked by how affordable it is. For example, you can find a pint for a pound, ten shots for 4 and a three-course dinner for four people for only 30.

  • 2. There are sandy shores as far as the eye can see
    2. There are sandy shores as far as the eye can see

    The wide golden sand beach extending several miles is a true heaven on Earth for all sun-seekers. Situated on the shores of the Black Sea, the beach is still largely unspoiled, featuring stunning natural beauty, and it seems to go on for an eternity. With loads of sunchairs and amenities, here is where your summer dream holiday comes to life!

  • 3. It's got a vibrant nightlife and lively festivals
    3. It's got a vibrant nightlife and lively festivals

    For young Brits, the fabulous nightlife is one of the major draws. With loads of clubs and bars blasting party music, it's a real wonderland for party animals. The clubs here are 24 hours and with affordable booze prices it's easy to get carried away. But for rough mornings there's always the pleasant beach and the refreshing sea to bring you back to life after a wild nigh out!

    Also, Sunny Beach hosts a few music festivals featuring international EDM artists, the most popular of which is the Spirit of Burgas, attracting thousands of party-lovers from all around the world.

  • 4. The local cuisine is divine
    4. The local cuisine is divine

    Bulgaria is famous for its delicious food, which is mostly characterized as a mix of Balkan and Slavic dishes. It also shares some similarities with Turkish and Greek cuisine. The must-try meals while in Bulgaria are definitely the shopska salad, kebabpche and musaka. To revive yourself after a night out, try the local specialty dish called Tarator, a light and refreshing yogurt-based soup, just what you need after an all-night party!