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UK travel operator, Monarch Airlines, has relaxed rules on handheld devices on their planes, allowing their use at any stage of the flight.

Monarch Airlines

Monarch Airlines
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The airline has relaxed rules regarding the use of mobile phones and tablets after a change in EASA guidelines.

"For Monarch customers to be able to access entertainment options, including the premium content available on Monarch's new MPlayer app, from the moment they step on the plane ensures that they can get into holiday mode earlier than ever before.


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"Since its launch, the MPlayer app has been very popular, with almost 10,000 downloads in its first month alone, demonstrating the real value that our new initiatives are adding to our customers' travel experiences."

The airline's new rules include mobile phones and tablets, as long as the device is switched to flight mode. Calling and texting remain forbidden, as does the use of laptops until after the seatbelt sign has been switched off. Passengers will still be asked to remove headphones for the safety announcement and demonstration and will be asked to turn their device off if staff cannot clearly confirm that it is in flight mode. Laptops and other heavy equipment is to be stored for take-off and landing but can be used throughout the rest of the flight.

On-board Wi-Fi

It follows a recent change in guidelines from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), as well as the launch of the airline's MPlayer system. Customers can now connect to on-board Wi-Fi for access to free and paid in-flight entertainment. Director of customer experience and marketing, Tim Williamson, said: "We appreciate that our customers are increasingly travelling with a number of electronic devices such as eBook readers, tablets and smartphones so this will be very welcome news for them.

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Posted on 26/10/2014 Modified on 16/02/2016
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