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Hop on the Napa Valley Wine Train and solve some mysteries!
Posted on 19/02/2020

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The Napa Valley Wine Train is a very popular choice for people visiting California and looking for some fun activities.

Having started its first ride with The Murder Mystery Company in April 2019, it has been part of other themed rides such as a beer train and a Santa train since then, which have proved very popular as well. Starting from February 22, The Napa Valley Wine Train will be back with even more themes, depending on the dates that you pick.

"Guests have loved the highly interactive nature of the experience when the Murder Mystery Tour launched in 2019, so we're excited to partner with The Murder Mystery Company and its cast of talented actors for 2020," said Scott Goldie, co-CEO of the Napa Valley Wine Train. "This year's themes will add a few twists and give everyone a chance to enjoy an evening of flavorful food and fun detective work."

Some new exciting themes

Some new exciting themes
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Theme options will range from Crime and Punishment (an Agatha Christie mystery), Death of a Gangster (a story inspired by Al Capone), Totally 80s Totally Murder, Dance with Death (set in the 1950s), Till Death Do Us Part (a wedding-themed experience), and even a very promising "Wizarding World" experience that is bound to please any Harry Potter fan out there in October.

And as the company encourages their guests to dress up according to their theme, not only will you come back with fun memories, you might also end up with some stylish and wonderful pictures!

But the train is not only fantastic for people looking for great entertainment, it also offers great wine and food. Its gourmet menu has been created by executive chef Donald Young, and desserts by pastry chef Chloe Rials, and can be paired with impressive wines that are also available for purchase.

Tickets start at $240 (£184) per person. To find out more details, visit the Napa Valley Wine Train website.