Paid to travel... yes please!
Posted on 02/10/2019


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We all dream about jet-setting around the world. Who wouldn't want to hop between Greece's idyllic isalnds and get paid for the pleasure? One company is looking to make it a reality for you!

Consider yourself a dab hand when it comes to getting that perfect angle for your Insta pic? Or are you the person your friends always turn to to get their caption just right? Fancy hopping from one heavenly Greek island to another? If you answered YES to any of these questions (and let's be honest, who doesn't consider themselves an Instagram pro nowadays, and who wouldn't want to island hop around Greece?) then you may be in luck.


A new company called Unforgettable Greece has recently launched a competition to find an island-hopping Instagrammer to capture idyllic travel photos of the company's new tour destinations around the islands of Greece. What's more, the lucky winner also gets to take along a friend! Besides not having to pay a penny for a 9-day luxury tour of Athens, Mykonos, Santorini and Crete, you get extra bonuses such as 500, a free Samsung S10 to snap those perfect shots and private tours, such as a jeep island tour of Mykonos' best beaches and a private guided tour of Acropolis. In return, the company wants you to snap some of your best photos and produce some of your best insta captions and hashtags in order to promote their luxury tours on Instagram.

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Sign me up!
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If you have a passion for travel and adventure, you know how to get people to double tap on your photo, and you can always get that perfect shot, why not apply?!

Before you book you 2020 summer getaway, you might want to drop in an entry on Instagram; simply post your best travel photo, tag Unforgettable Greece and add the hashtag #UnforgettableInstagrammer.

Stefanos Kyriazis/123rf

But don't give it too much thought! Entries close 15 November!

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