Paris museum announces that naked visitors will be allowed
Posted on 12/03/2018 7 shares

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Paris is the first city in the world to welcome nude visitors into a museum for special nudist day.

There are more nudist events in Paris than ever before

There are more nudist events in Paris than ever before
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On 5th May the Palais de Toyko contemporary art museum on Avenue President Wilson will open its doors to naked visitors. The Parisian gallery in the 16th arrondissement of Paris will be the first to welcome nudists.

Visitors will be granted entrance as long as they leave their coats and the rest of their clothing in the cloakroom. The event has been organised by the Paris Naturists Association and the event is free of charge but visitors must sign up to the association.

The naturist movement has experienced a bit of success in recent months with the city's first nudist zone having opened up in Boi de Vincennes in the east of the capital last year. As well as the nudist zone there has also been an inauguration of the first nudist restaurant.

There is an evident demand for nudist events in France with approximately 2.6 million naturists.