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Paris pollution: Officials call for action
Posted on 21/03/2015 , Modified on 18/02/2016


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POLLUTION: Officials in Paris are calling for action to combat the shocking increase in air pollution.

Officials are seeking measures to help fight the rapidly increasing level of air pollution that is turning the skies of Paris from bright blue to dull grey. March 19 was the third consecutive day that air pollution was recorded far higher than European safety thresholds. Mayor Anne Hidalgo has requested that the government implement an emergency ban on half of the car and truck traffic.

Grey skies

Grey skies

Since March 18, authorities have introduced emergency measures in Paris, such as limiting cars to 12mph on motorways. Ms Hidalgo also called on regional transport authorities to make public transport free for a day. This method was put into practice in March 2014 during a particularly bad period of pollution. The car and bike-sharing scheme in Paris will also offer incentives to reduce the amount of traffic on the streets of Paris.


Tourists who came to see the Eiffel Tower on March 18 were instead greeted by a brown smog, which has also spread to much of northern France. The pollution from Paris has even been reported to have blown over to Wales; as air monitoring stations in Cardiff, Newport and Chepstow all show high levels of air pollution. The smog has also blown over to the English Channel causing poor visibility. People who suffer from breathing difficulties are asked to be particularly careful as the effects could be harmful.


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