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Pineapple on a pizza - yes or no?
Posted on 29/06/2018


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What is the problem with having pineapple on a pizza?

The debate goes on...

The debate goes on...

Do you love eating pineapples on pizza? Pineapples are a controversial topping which have been at the centre of debate in the world of pizza for a long time. This debatable type of pizza is called a Hawaiian pizza.

It was first put into an oven in Canada back in 1962. Since then it has received mixed reviews to say the least. Could there finally be a resolution to this argument?

The world is divided not just by politics but by pizza toppings. Debates like this often set social media platforms like Twitter alight.

This debate has two sides to it; those that are pro-pineapple and those that are anti-pineapple. Another way of understanding this debate is to think of it as Canadian culture vs Italian culture.

Canadians prefer to have a contemporary reformed idea of pizza whilst the Italian point of view tends to favour a more traditional pizza that doesn't consist of having fruit as a key ingredient.

Pro-pineapple pizza lovers are very much trying to diversify their tastes by combining two amazing flavors, fusing them together and exploring the unknown, which isn't too costly either.

Then there are the traditionalists, such as Gordan Ramsay, that are very much disgraced with the thought of pineapple on a pizza as they believe it to be anti-cultural.