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Pokémon Go tours take the world by storm
Posted on 18/07/2016

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The last few days has seen the birth of a worldwide phenomenon: Pokémon Go. As a result of the sheer number of gamers searching for Pokémon around the world, so-called Pokémon tours and walks have started to pop up in cities all over the globe.

Off to a record start

Off to a record start
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If you haven't yet heard about Pokémon Go, you probably live under a rock. As the new app from Niantic continues to be downloaded across the world, some entrepreneurs have been quick to realise its potential. In cities from Sydney to London, people have been organising guided tours to the best places to catch rare and much sought-after Pokémon.

They're everywhere!

Catching Pokemon in London #PokemonGo

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On July 10, over 2,000 gamers convened in Sydney for a Pokémon Walk in an attempt to catch 'em all. Paris, Berlin and Vienna have seen similar numbers of gamers congregating to work together to beat the virtual reality game.

Pokémon fans have been longing for a revival of their beloved '90s game for so long that the app is quickly becoming one of the most downloaded in history. In the 24 hours after its release, Pokémon Go was downloaded more than Tinder has been in its four years of existence.

Sightseeing in Sydney with a difference

The craze isn't good news for everyone, though. In the US, where the game has been available since July 6, there have been numerous complaints about and accidents caused by the game. Many players have walked into hospitals, funerals and even Auschwitz concentration camp in the search for Pokémon. The latter has led to major criticism for the app's developers, who are under fire to remove such sensitive locations from the map.

Motorists asked not to play at the wheel


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Gamers have argued that the app is changing gamer culture and has led to a new type of socializing between fans, with some even suggesting that the app is well on its way to helping establish dating and relationships with fellow gamers!

Thousands join PokéTours

Meets this Sunday at 4:00pm at south-east corner of Central Park, 59th St on the East Side (Grand Army Plaza) by the golden statue. Call us for details 646-801-8692 Our expert guides have been in training to help you collect the multitudes of Pokémon hiding in New York's greatest park. #pokemongotour #pokemongonyc #pokemongony #pokemonny #pokemongo #centralpark #centralparktour #gottacatchthemall

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Tourists are getting a piece of the action as well with networks offering Pokémon Go tours with locals to explore the city. As well as following the Pokémon to new locations, the app highlights hidden points around major cities that you may otherwise have missed.

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