Ravishing European road trips that will make you fall in love with autumn
Posted on 29/09/2020


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We're knee deep into the season of autumn and the trees have started turning a thousand shades of orange, brown, yellow and red. If you want to experience fall, in all of its glory, then hop in your car and take a trip through the winding roads of Europe. They say that fall is the season to get warm and cozy, and a road trip with your loved ones is as cozy as it can get. We've shortlisted six magical road trips that will take you through the mystical forests of Europe, that are filled with the most gorgeous fall foliage that you will ever see!

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  • Transfagarasan, Romania
    Transfagarasan, Romania

    Our first destination takes us through the dense forests of Romania. There's so much to discover when you're driving through these roads - but the best part of the trip is the Transfagarasan highway itself. It's known as one of the best roads in the world and it gets even better during autumn. The Transfagarasan road begins in Cartisoara and ends in Bascov, covering 150 kilometers. The drive will take you around 6 to 7 hours if you're stopping at all the amazing attractions that adorn this passage. If you're not, then you can finish the trip within 4 to 5 hours. However we strongly recommend that you check out the Balea lake and waterfalls. Though there are many s-curve roads and hair pin turns, these roads are in excellent condition and there are many stops for drivers to catch their breath in. Even if you keep your eyes on the road, the fall foliage is always present and you won't miss the vibrant colors.

  • Lake Como, Italy
    Lake Como, Italy

    Lake Como is the perfect fall destination because of the picturesque villages that peep out of the orange and green thicket along the waterside. If you're planning to start your drive in Milan, then it will take you an hour and a half to reach the lake. This is the third largest lake in Italy and you definitely need more than a day to see everything, so this is the ideal road trip destination for a weekend in autumn. The villages you must visit around the lake are Bellagio - the most popular tourist spot located in the hilly region of the lake, Verano - a former fishing village in the east and Bellano - a quiet village that is less frequented by tourists, but is a natural beauty.

  • Bruges, Belgium
    Bruges, Belgium

    Your trip to Bruges will begin in the capital city of Brussels. You'll be on the road for just over an hour but there are plenty of stops that will keep you occupied for the whole day. Bruges is known as the Venice of the North because of the canals that flow through this colorful city. The only difference is that there are no crowds - which is why this is a great getaway. Along the way, you can visit other small towns like Ghent, and if you drive slightly further from Bruges you'll reach the lovely seaside town of Ostend. Though the drive is absolutely magnificent, make sure to park your car at Bruges and explore the small city by foot because that's where you'll see the magic of autumn unfold.

  • Lake Bled, Slovenia
    Lake Bled, Slovenia

    This road trip is incredibly short and easy to pack into a quick weekend getaway. Lake Bled is just 40 mins away from Ljubljana, but it's a road trip that will make anyone fall in love with autumn. This extensive lake is surrounded by golden forests during the fall and it looks stunning! You can drive around the lake, visit the town and take a boat ride to the tiny island in the middle of the lake. You can also drive up to the castle and see the fall foliage from above. For those who want to do more, you can extend your road trip to discover the Skocjan caves and you can also head on over to Croatia, which is just three hours away from Ljubljana. Driving in these eastern countries will seem effortless, so just sit back, relax and follow the road.

  • Romantic Road, Germany
    Romantic Road, Germany

    The Romantic Road is a scenic route through Bavaria that takes travellers to many historic towns and finally up the mountain to the incredible Neuschwanstein Castle. The journey starts in the city of Wurzburg and you'll be on the road for a good three hours. This castle is nestled close to the Austrian border and a part of the grand view is the snow-covered Alps right behind. Fall is a spectacular time to visit because the castle is perched between thousands of trees that are green, orange, brown, red and yellow. Even though the castle is the ultimate destination, there are lots of beautiful places to stop by including the Pilgrimage Church of Wies and smaller towns like Bad Mergentheim.