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Real-life unexpected scary flight experiences
Posted on 04/07/2018

TransportUnited States of America

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Here are some real-life scary flight experiences that you never want to go through. So the next time you're on a plane and you're next to a wailing baby or in front of a child that keeps kicking your chair, be grateful that you were not on one of these flights!

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  • Fuel leaking from the wing
    Fuel leaking from the wing

    A United Airlines flight departing from Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey to Venice was cancelled due to a leak in its left wing. Luckily, a passenger looking out of the window alerted the crew of the fuel leak.

  • A hole in engine
    A hole in engine

    China Eastern Airlines Flight MU736 was forced to turn back to Sydney Airport after a technical failure left a hole in the engine. Passengers, bound for Shanghai, reported a burning smell in the cabin. A loud noise coming for the left engine was also reported shortly after take-off. About an hour into the flight the pilot announced that due to problems with the engine the plane will be turning back.

  • The propeller falls off
    The propeller falls off

    A Regional Express Airlines flight reported a problem with one of the aircraft's propellers on the approach to Sydney Airport. The plane had 16 passengers and three crew members on-board. The propeller is believed to have detached itself from the shaft and flown over the wing without touching the Saab 340 aircraft. By luck, the plane landed safely but the Australian airline has since grounded five other aircrafts with the same propeller system.

  • The terrifying turbulence
    The terrifying turbulence

    A video recorded on board showed passengers on board praying for their lives as they encountered severe and unexpected turbulence. The Etihad Airways flight flight from Abu Dhabi to Jakarta left passengers screaming and gripping onto their seats. The video also shows passengers with their hands in the air and praying for their lives.

  • The near mid-air collision
    The near mid-air collision

    A United Airlines pilot had a scare in May 2014 when he was preparing for landing at Newark Liberty airport in the US. As the aircraft was coming down to land there was another plane taking off from a perpendicular runway just below.