Top Reasons To Visit Santorini
Posted on 18/02/2020


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One of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe, the beautiful island of Santorini scores a 10/10 for tourism. Before its name was changed, it was called Kallíst, "the most beautiful one", and anyone can see the reason why. The best times to visit this majestic Greek island are summer months between April and July, perfect for nightlife, sunbathing and swimming.

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  • Beautiful Greek architecture
    Beautiful Greek architecture

    Primarily the result of volcanic eruptions, the unique patterns of Santorini make it extremely attractive for tourists. With gorgeous windmills, some of which are even open to tourists for sleeping, archaic cobblestone streets making the island even more romantic, pristine white houses, and churches with beautiful blue domes, Santorini truly stands out.

  • The Cycladic landscape
    The Cycladic landscape

    The landscape of this Aegean island is something very special, since it has been home to several intense volcanic eruptions, which have made it one of the most spectacular islands in the Cyclades. Ruptured into three parts over 3600 years ago, it created a clifftop plateau nearly 300m high, which holds the stunning whitewashed settlements that we see today.

  • Wonderful sunsets
    Wonderful sunsets

    Sunsets and Santorini go hand in hand. Indeed, they are so legendary that restaurants and cafés have separate menus and prices for sunset viewings. The golden hour at Santorini is a magical experience that could be in itself the only reason for visiting the island. Watching the sun melt into the sea, turning the deep blue waters golden is a therapeutic and wonderful experience.

  • Get impressed with the food
    Get impressed with the food

    As a mediterranean island, it is a great place to eat seafood, so be ready to be blown away. Greek food in general (such as moussaka, dolmathakia and greek salads) is one of the many advantages of visiting Santorini. But we also recommend that you try the original Santorini Salad, as its ingredients come from the fertile volcanic soil: cucumbers, sun-dried tomatoes, and capers.

  • Art, history and culture
    Art, history and culture

    Santorini is a rich place when it comes to archaeology, with two incredible museums dedicated to paleontology: the Museum of Prehistoric Thera and the Archaeology Museum, where you can admire primordial artifacts going back to the creation of the island. The Wine Museum located in Kamari is a great place for tourists to learn and taste Santorini's very famous and very special wine. And the Folklore Museum in Fira is one of the finest on the island, as it is composed of a beautiful chapel, an art gallery, an ancient library, and a wine cellar.