Seville opens GoT locations for World Tourism Day
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Famous for its role as the Water Gardens of Dorne in hit TV series Game of Thrones, the Alcázar of Seville is planning a particularly special treat for fans of the show this Saturday.

Seville's much-loved Alcázar palace is set to open up rooms and gardens used in TV series Game of Thrones to guided tours this weekend as part of World Tourism Day celebrations. Known best as the backdrop to heated discussions, secret meetings and private plotting in the Water Gardens of Dorne, the Alcázar will offer free tours of the locations.

'El Alcázar oculto'

'El Alcázar oculto'
© Nuttaphong Kanchanachaya / 123RF

Saturday's programme, dubbed 'El Alcázar oculto' (hidden Alcázar), will see guided tours of the Cuarto Real Alto, the crypt of the Patio de Banderas, the Puerta Originiaria del Alcázar, the Puerta León and the Galería del Grutesco, which features in Game of Thrones as the Water Gardens of Dorne, private estate of the House of Martell.

Groups of up to 30 people will be taken through the rooms and gardens by specialist guides, with four tours on offer of the Cuarto Real Alto and two of the Puerta del León.

Scenes from much of the fifth season were shot within the UNESCO-listed Alcázar. We first see its glorious gardens in episode 2 as major characters from the Martell household sit overlooking Mercury's Pool and the Galeria del Grutesco.

We later see secret meetings by Maria de Padilla's baths (pictured above), as well as key scenes with Jamie Lannister in the Alcázar's Ambassador's Hall with its beautiful coloured tiles and arches.

For more information and to reserve tickets for World Tourism Day tours, go to the Alcazar's official website.

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