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Strangest Wedding Traditions around the World
Posted on 17/10/2017 6 shares

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Marriage is a part of daily life regardless where you are in the world. However, the stereotypical white dresses and confetti aren't as omnipresent as you may thing... We have compiled a list of 20 of the stranger wedding traditions some of which are still practiced to this day!

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  • Congo

    The happy couple is not allowed to display their happiness! Smiling is interpreted as a sign of not taking the union seriously, and so is frowned upon.

  • France

    There is an old French custom where the bride and groom eat a meal out of a chamber pot! This meal is normally a concoction of leftover alcohol from the previous night's celebrations. Unsurprisingly this tradition has fallen out of practice in recent years.

  • China - Gansu province
    China - Gansu province

    Gansu's Yugur people have a wedding custom that is not for the fainthearted. The groom must shoot arrows, which are considered to bring good luck, at his bride! But don't worry, there are no arrowheads attached to the arrows.

  • Fiji

    When proposing to his prospective fiancée, it's traditional for the man to present her with the tooth of a sperm whale! This of course is rather controversial, given that this particular species of whale is considered endangered.

  • Guatamala

    On the day of the wedding, the parents are allowed to smash anything they want. The ?smashing of the bell? tradition sees the groom's mother break a ceramic bell that is filled with rice and flour.