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Surprise Trips: computers can now plan your holiday
Posted on 01/03/2017

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Travel company, Expedia, has introduced automatic holiday planning. You can now book a city break to a surprise destination and only find out where you are going when you get to the airport.

For some, the pressure to plan the perfect holiday can be overwhelming; trying to find cheap flights, book the right hotel and even pick the destination to start with. In the interests of making it all a little easier, Expedia has introduced Surprise Trips, whereby a computer chooses every aspect of the holiday.

A city break, including flights and a hotel in an unknown destination, is selected and organised by the computer and the final destination is only revealed to you on arrival at your specified airport.

Discover your destination at the airport

Discover your destination at the airport
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Using your specified travel interests and personal budget, the company selects an adventure to one of over 77 destinations. From Lisbon to Budapest, Warsaw to Prague, Amsterdam to Vienna, it could be the city break you've always wished for (or not).

Expedia says travellers can book from up to 220 days to just 24 hours in advance. All flights leave from major UK and Irish airports and all destinations are European cities which require no visas. You can even specify up to three destinations that you do not wish to travel to (Surprise Trips has already excluded Paris and Barcelona from the list).

The package includes a return flight (of no more than three hours and supposedly at a convenient time), travelling with hand luggage only. The hotel will be reserved for the number of nights you have selected in a three-star or above hotel in the city centre.

After booking, Surprise Trips will keep you updated on your own "trip page", which will give you daily weather updates in the destination to help you pack accordingly, and on the day of departure they will let you know what time you need to be at the airport.

Finally, just two hours before the flight will they finally reveal your destination.The surprise city break is tailored to your personal budget, but prices generally start from around £150 per person for a two-night trip.

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