Surprising things you might not know about Swedish food
Posted on 29/10/2020


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Even heard of reindeer pizza or pickled herrings? Yes, we know, Swedish food might seem pretty weird to you, but they can combine some exciting, and sometimes very unusual flavours. As other Scandinavian countries, they are pretty famous for the fish dishes (and for the Ikea meatballs), but there is a whole lot more to it - their gastronomy is actually full of flavours and originality!

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  • Kroppkakor (potato dumplings)
    Kroppkakor (potato dumplings)

    Kroppkakor come in many different shapes and versions all over Sweden, but they are dumplings made with potatoes and flour, which are then wrapped around fried pork. Very comforting and hearty, they are usually served with butter, cream, lingonberry and béchamel sauce.