Taco Bell Airbnb steakcation up for grabs


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For one night and one night only, your dream of sleeping amongst tacos, burritos, chips and slushies could actually become reality.

Tacos for bed and breakfast, lunch and dinner

Tacos for bed and breakfast, lunch and dinner
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It's Friday night, or rather Saturday morning, and you've trudged from bar to club and back again. Your body is desperately crying out for some short-term sustenance, but the hatches have been emphatically battened down. Then, at a distant corner of your gaze, the flashing neon lights - like a star over a stable in Bethlehem - summon you towards them. You place your order; seconds later the meal arrives; you take a seat, the blaring sterile lighting revealing far more than desirable; you guzzle.

If you've ever felt like this experience was incomplete and that, like the final slash of a conductor's baton, the visit to a fast-food restaurant should be the concluding moment to any night out on the town, apparently you're not alone. Instead of following a late-night Taco Bell visit by a harrowing bus ride, or if you're feeling bullish an Uber, home to bed, there is hope for you yet.

On October 17, Taco Bell is changing the game.

To celebrate the launch of Canada's new steak Doubledilla - the imaginatively named new quesadilla with twice the meat - the self-proclaimed pioneers of "foodie experiences" are converting one of their Ontario locations into an operational Airbnb. Roll up, roll up, time for a 'SteakCation'.

This opportunity is open to one lucky Chalupa superfan who, in 550 characters, can convince Taco Bell that they are worthy of the honour of being the company's first (and most likely only) Airbnb guest ever. Or rather, 'guests', as the winner will be able to bring along three friends to enjoy a dining area furnished with bunkbeds, television and even a butler. Although, we're thinking more Manuel from Faulty Towers than Carson from Downton Abbey.

"Why take a Staycation when you can take a SteakCation? Our Taco Bell location in Chatham, Ontario will be outfitted with two sets of bunk beds, some comfy chairs, and a big screen TV," reads Taco Bell's Airbnb offering.

"Not only will you dine on Steak Doubledillas - with twice the tender, marinated steak and creamy jalapeño sauce in a cheesy quesadilla - we'll also have video games, movies, and lots of other stuff to keep you entertained. Plus, our Taco Bell Butler will be there to make sure you've got everything you need. Experience Steak Doubledilla decadence at our Taco Bell Airbnb SteakCation."

As you might expect, it has prompted a lot of excitement...

The winner is announced tomorrow so time to get scribbling. You have 24 hours, 550 characters, and a whole lotta tacos to be won.

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Alex Walker
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