Terror threat severely impacting travel plans


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Popular tourist destinations like London, Brussels and Paris have all been targeted by terrorist attacks in recent months and this is severely impacting visitor numbers. Research conducted by the World Travel Market has found that a third of Brits will change their travel plans this year due to the growing terror threat.

Brits opting for low risk destinations like Iceland

Brits opting for low risk destinations like Iceland

Ahead of the World Travel Market, which takes place in London Excel this November, an investigation into consumer habits has found that safety is a growing priority in the face of the growing threat of terrorism.

A poll of some 2,000 British consumers found that 12 percent of respondents said they were avoiding places where there has already been a terrorist attack and 17 percent are avoiding countries where there is a high terror threat.

This will no doubt hit Paris the hardest. The terrorist threat level in France has been set to critical since the November 2015 attacks around Paris, most notably Bataclan, left 130 people dead and hundreds injured.

Another report by Global Attractions and Attendance noted that in 2016 ticket sales to Disneyland Paris and the Louvre had dropped by up to 15 percent and there was an overall 10 percent drop in visitors to the French capital.

The Global Attractions and Attendance poll further backs up the data outlined by the previous survey with 5 percent of respondents saying they were fearful of going abroad altogether so would be staying home and 4 percent have even cancelled their holidays plans.

Destinations such as Malta, Croatia, Slovenia and Iceland are considered a 'low-risk, safe' option according to the UK Foreign Office. So, these countries are expected to see high numbers of tourists this summer. Already this year, Croatia has seen a 22 percent increase in tourists compared to last year with a record breaking 4.5 million visitors since January. Brits are the 2nd most popular visitors, after the Germans. Iceland is also expecting record levels of visitors this year.

However, don't expect the big cities to be empty this summer, over half of those surveyed said terrorism had not impacted their desire to go on holiday and 20 percent claimed they think the terror level is roughly the same compared to five years ago.

In a statement, World Travel Market spokesperson Paul Nelson said: "With most capital cities on high alert, it's hardly surprising that we are more cautious in our decision when it comes to holidays.

"However with Brits having such a strong desire to travel, I think its unlikely terrorism threats will be too detrimental to the resilient travel industry."

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