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The 10 best destinations for animal lovers
Posted on 13/05/2019 11 shares


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Could paradise exist without animals? Follow us, your virtual David Attenborough, through these wonderful places full of amazing creatures.

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  • Exuma, Bahamas
    Exuma, Bahamas

    Swim with nurse sharks and pigs, and snorkel your way to starfish embedded on the bottom of the crystal blue sea. Head to Pig Beach in Exuma to paddle alongside a bunch of adorable piglets. The surreality of this island is dumbfounding. Swim or play with these adorable furry friends amidst the stunning Bahamian chalky white sands and transparent azure water.

    Scared of sharks? Fear no more. Soak up the Caribbean sun by gliding through the sea with friendly nurse sharks. Smooth to the touch, these benign creatures feed on fish and can be found at Compass Bay, a private island just outside of Exuma.

    What's more is that the Bahamas is also home to some fascinating native species. Rock iguanas are indigenous to only three islands in the world, all of which are in the Bahamas. These majestic dragon-like creatures are adorned with scales, tooth-like jagged spines, and multicolored rock-textured rings dotting their heads.

  • Guadeloupe

    This exotic island may be small, but it makes up for its size with its abundance of species. Home to the largest great white sharks in the world, this little volcanic island packs a punch. Go cage diving with great whites, where visibility is crystal clear in the aquamarine sea, overriding other shark-infested waters in South Africa and Australia.

  • Madikwe Game Reserve, South Africa
    Madikwe Game Reserve, South Africa

    The trails of exotic and wild animals in South Africa are inexhaustible at this dreamy destination. Visit the Mosetlha Bush Camp in Madikwe Game Reserve. Explore the habitats of wild zebras, gigantic elephants, and elusive cheetahs. Thrown right into the wild, be ensconced by carnivorous animals hunting their prey, rhino fights and fierce lions.

    Don't fancy a safari? Stay in the Ark. This rustic lodge is situated next to a watering hole that's commonly visited by buffalos, leopards and endemic creatures such as suni. Be graced by the presence of your favorite animals while enjoying your breakfast!

  • The Little French Key, Honduras
    The Little French Key, Honduras

    Ever dreamed of swimming with a jaguar? The Little French Key in Roatan is where your dreams can be realized. Part of the Great Maya Reef, Honduras is brimming with sea creatures such as dolphins and whale sharks. Paddle through the crystal-blue waters with playful jaguars, snap a photo and explore the abundance of wonderful animals such as armadillos, monkeys and white-tailed deer, which is the national animal of Honduras.

  • El Nido Palawan, Philippines
    El Nido Palawan, Philippines

    The Philippines has so much more to offer than just sublime scenery. Visit El Nido Palawan, the gateway to the Bacuit Archipelago, which is famed for its craggy karst cliffs and incredible diving waters. Boasting stunning wildlife, this Filipino island is every adventurer's paradise. Attracting endangered sea turtles, colorful corals, and schools of aquamarine wildlife, snorkeling with this boundless quantity of flora and fauna is like being in an aquarium.


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