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Looking for a wellness holiday? These 10 destinations are perfect
Posted on 02/07/2019


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If you've been dreaming of some rest and relaxation or just need some time to yourself, these 10 places are for you.

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  • Get away from it all
    Get away from it all

    Are you in need of some serious RnR? Or maybe you relax by staying active? Is meditation your method of choice? Regardless of your preference, these destinations are guaranteed to offer a wellness holiday or retreat for every type of traveler. From Thailand to Morocco, ease your mind and body at these 10 places ideal for rejuvenation.

  • Breathe deeply in Ladakh
    Breathe deeply in Ladakh

    Settled among the Himalayas, Ladakh is full of monasteries, hiking trails, and natural wonders. The culture of the high mountains has developed around the rugged landscape and harsh climate, where winter temperatures can get down to -30C. These conditions may make it seem an unlikely choice for a wellness holiday, but the Tibetan culture and Buddhist lifestyle are sure to appeal to those looking to get away from it all. Get to know the tenants of Buddhism a little better with a meditation and yoga course at the Mahabodhi Meditation Center, or try an eight-day meditation and yoga retreat with Turtle Trails. Many retreats include homestays and companies such as Ladakhi Women's Travel Company are locally owned and operated.

  • Take it easy in the Scottish Highlands
    Take it easy in the Scottish Highlands

    But you don't have to go too far to get a little RnR. Where better to feel rejuvenated and refreshed than amidst the rolling hills of the Scottish Highlands? Detox retreats with the Body Toolkit advertise nature walks and and yoga, while other organizations offer mindfulness and meditation retreats on lavish country estates. The retreat center at Alldale Wilderness Reserve even offers photography courses, yoga en plein air, and rewilding experiences for nature lovers.

  • Experience pura vida in Costa Rica
    Experience pura vida in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is Central America's eco-friendly jewel, so it's no surprise that the nation known for its cloud forests, volcanoes and beaches would be home to numerous wellness experiences. "Pura vida" is the country's slogan, translating to pure life, in English, and it can mean anything from "hi" to "everything is fine." While seemingly imprecise from the outside, the idiom does encompass a worldview about the good life that translates perfectly to wellness retreats and holidays. From mountaintop nests to jungle hideaways, there are so many opportunities for relaxation and rejuvenation.

    Asclepios Wellness and Spa north of San Jose offers a three-week program of detox and anti-stress including organic meals, yoga, massage, cooking courses and even acupuncture and reiki. Samasati Retreat and Rainforest Sanctuary on the Caribbean side of the country is completely sustainable in true Costa Rican fashion, and it offers spa treatments, yoga and other relaxing amenities amid the lush rainforest. The remote Alya Retreat Center on the Nicoya peninsula offers numerous mind and body wellness programs, but also allows guests to personalize their retreat amidst verdant, beautiful surroundings

  • Be spoiled for choice in Baja California
    Be spoiled for choice in Baja California

    Baja California may be known for rowdy Cancun, but off the beaten track lie tons of opportunities for rest and rejuvenation. Casa Tara, a luxury hotel in La Ventana, offers a number of scheduled retreats throughout the year including aeroyoga courses. It's also possible to create your own personalized retreat with the spa facilities and classes offered year round a la carte. Baja Retreats offers tailor-made retreats meaning that you can customize your visit as you want for anywhere between one and 30 visitors. Retreat themes cover everything from sobriety to language to mountain biking.