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These are the 10 best European cities for winter
Posted on 24/12/2018

CultureCzech Republic

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If you're looking for a little cheering up this holiday season, head to one of these 10 European cities for a winter that won't feel quite so dreary!

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  • Edinburgh, Scotland
    Edinburgh, Scotland

    The quirky, ebullient Scottish city is an architectural and cultural gem, which is made even more beautiful by the crisp cold and occasional snowflakes the winter season brings. Nestled among a rocky landscape, Edinburgh's dramatic setting suits the city very well, adding to its sophisticated atmosphere. And even though the historic city is stunning any time of year, winter definitely beautifies Edinburgh's medieval streets and joyous pubs, suffusing them with a inimitable festive ambience.

  • Granada, Spain
    Granada, Spain

    Winter in Europe doesn't have to be full of frosty, snow-clad cities and mulled wine. Sometimes, winter in Europe is for heading to greener, sunnier pastures. Granada in southern Spain is guaranteed to offer you delightfully mild temperatures and a taste of spring, even in the middle of January. With awe-inspiring Alhambra Palace's ornate Islamic architecture and its lively, street art-covered streets, Granada is a place of architectural and cultural contrasts, which makes it even more compelling.

  • Brasov, Romania
    Brasov, Romania

    Transylvania's Brasov is a real life winter wonderland as temperatures roll in and days shorten. Yes you can you ski here at the picturesque Poiana ski resort, but it's also the ideal location for a relaxing break. With endless horizons of snow-blanketed forest and snowy streets lined with colored houses, Brasov does winter right!

  • Riga, Latvia
    Riga, Latvia

    Yes, Latvia's winters are harsh and the low temperatures can be bone-chilling, but don't let that scare you off. Riga, Latvia's capital, has more than enough activities on offer to keep you occupied. Here, there's everything from an evening at the Latvian National Opera and Ballet, to cheering on a local hockey team at Arena Riga, or even shopping for the perfect pair of traditional Latvian mittens to keep you warm.

  • Prague, Czech Republic
    Prague, Czech Republic

    Prague becomes a magical wonderland once winter arrives, and the mysterious capital of the Czech Republic strikes the perfect balance between moody, snowy evenings and holiday cheer. The city's Christmas market is bustling with activity, and visitors can take advantage of the outdoor ice rink in the old center. Its picturesque red rooftops are often coated with a soft blanket of white, and the world-class museums provide shelter from the cold.