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The 10 best places to visit in January to start off the year right
Posted on 31/12/2018 18 shares

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2019 is right around the corner, and everyone wants to start off the year on the right foot. Check out these 10 destinations that make for the perfect beginning-of-the-year vacation!

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  • Hong Kong
    Hong Kong

    Hong Kong is one of the most fascinating, fast-paced cities on the planet. It's a must-visit for those who can appreciate a little extravagance, notably when it comes to food, culture and shopping. Neon-lit, steel-clad buildings make up the sublime skyline that confers a one-of-a-kind sophistication upon the city, while a grittier atmosphere can be found in the uproarious streets suffused with mouth-watering scents.

    But Hong Kong is not just a tech-savvy, avant-garde gem. It is also a gateway to many natural treasures, including deserted islands, volcanic sea arches, towering peaks, and verdant expanses of unspoiled greenery.

  • Dubai, UAE
    Dubai, UAE

    Dubai is another one of these clamorous, high-end cities of the future. But it offers something wildly different from its Far-Eastern counterpart. This Middle-Eastern jewel beams with a unique ambience, both serene and restless, and it is on a path of constant evolution. This center for innovation is always on the move, and it will guarantee you the most dynamic of stays.

    The desert-ringed, luxurious metropolis is replete with eye-catching sights and mesmerizing activities. From camel rides in the desert to palatial shopping centers, you'll be living your most opulent life in Dubai, setting the tone for the rest of 2019.

  • Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
    Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

    Often overlooked in favor of Jamaica, this lesser-known Caribbean paradise is brimming with many natural and cultural treasures, and can notably boast the delightful resort town of Punta Cana and its splendid surrounding region. Punta Cana offers picture-perfect scenery and proudly embodies a quintessential Caribbean atmosphere: the idyllic landscape dreams are made of.

    With cerulean lagoons, towering palm trees, and endless expanses of warm, iridescent sand, Punta Cana makes for the perfect getaway for those who need an escape from urban gloominess. Add to that an effervescent culture and a delectable cuisine, and you've got yourself the perfect winter break.

  • Rajasthan, India
    Rajasthan, India

    India is a land of many wonders, but some of the subcontinent's regions exude a particularly enchanting aura. Rajasthan is no exception. The northern province can even be considered to be the epitome of Indian magnificence, with its majestic temples, otherworldly scenery, and colorful celebrations, from the prismatic Diwali to myriad rainbow-hued festivals.

    From ornate, vibrant Jaipur and its many gilded palaces to a plethora of imposing, cliffside forts scattered around the mountains, Rajasthan is a place of sumptuous beauty. Steeped in peerless history and imbued with a unique spiritual atmosphere, it's the perfect place to start the year with panache.

  • Geneva, Switzerland
    Geneva, Switzerland

    Sometimes a January trip is not about trying to find winter sun. Sometimes it's about embracing the crisp cold and frosty landscapes. And what better place for that than sophisticated, cosmopolitan Geneva? Boasting a dramatic backdrop made of the sharp silhouette of snow-capped mountains standing out against the mist-shrouded sky, the resplendent city is a peaceful, lavish haven.

    Organized around the serene waters of Lake Geneva and sporting an elegant cityscape, Geneva is the perfect destination for those who like to hop from shopping in high-end boutiques to sliding down immaculate slopes in a matter of minutes.


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