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The 15 best Mediterranean destinations for Summer 2019
Posted on 30/06/2019


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After a more than gloomy spring, we've got our eye on the Mediterranean sun for the summer holidays. And thankfully, the destinations are numerous. To help you find the ideal place to stay, here are 15 Mediterranean hotspots that practically spell summer. Fans of culture trips, lying on the beach, sport, and the wilderness will all find something on this list, as will those looking for festive evenings and culinary escapades.

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  • Corsica, France
    Corsica, France

    It is not for nothing that Corsica is called the Isle of Beauty. The French island entices visitors as soon as they arrive, and it is immediately clear why the Corsicans are so proud to call it home. The landscapes are magnificent: creeks, ochre mountains plunging into the turquoise sea, green valleys, picturesque mountain roads. Corsica is a haven for geologists and geographers. Corte, Bonifacio, Porto, Calvi, Porto Vecchio, Propriano, the list goes on. There are so many charming cities with surprising architecture. And for the sporty toursists, why not try out the famous GR20 hike? As if there aren't already enough reasons to visit, Corsica is also rich in marine life, and diving around the island is a very popular activity among locals and visitors alike.

  • Montenegro

    Although it is a small country, Montenegro is attracting more and more tourists every year. The biodiversity of the landscape is enough to make you fall in love with this little place. Montenegro is home to the only Fjords found in the Mediterranean, as well as gorges, lakes, mountains, steep coastline, sandy and cobbled beaches, cliffs, national parks, and rivers. Montenegro's treasure is of course the gulf of Kotor, a magnificent fjord that stretches 28 km inland. This entire area is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In addition to its preserved nature, the country also offers beautiful historical monuments, Orthodox monasteries, medieval villages, and fantastic fortifications. Whether you're looking to kick back and relax or explore the history and geology of the lansdcape, you'll always find what you want in Montenegro.

  • Rhodes, Greece
    Rhodes, Greece

    A little piece of paradise hides in the heart of the Mediterranean. Rhodes, a stone's throw from Turkey, has managed to preserve its charm and authenticity despite the tourism. Its year-round mild climate and its Mediterranean vegetation are enough to make you believe you've arrived in the Garden of Eden. Although the island only has pebble beaches, making ita little difficult to sunbathe, the island's real treasure lies in its picturesque villages, medieval cities and charming little churches, with magnificent views from every spot. Sports enthusiasts can also enjoy many activities such as windsurfing, surfing and hiking.

  • Istria, Croatia
    Istria, Croatia

    Croatia is divided into two distinct tourist regions, Dalmatia and Istria. Dalmatia remains the most well known and visited part of the country for tourists with stunning the mountains plunging into turquoise waters. However, sandy beaches are rare. Istria is therefore the second most popular tourist region in the country, but it is still far less frequented by holidaymakers. Located in the north of the Croatian coast, Istria has so much to offer: beautifully preserved nature, rocky coves, a clear coastline, cute villages and small fishing sports. The region also has a rich historical and architectural heritage, from baroque palaces, to cities with pedestrianised streets, to charming, little houses.

  • Sicily, Italy
    Sicily, Italy

    The largest island in the Mediterranean is a treasure trove of spectacular sights. Sicily is wealthy in culture and history, so it is the perfect place for those budding historians. Syracuse, Palermo, Taormina or Catania and Ragusa; so many cities to visit with so many architectural styles from different eras. The archaeological sites of Agrigento and the Valley of the Temples are definitely worth a visit. And of course, its main attraction, the volcanic Mount Etna, which reaches a height 3350 metres. Visitors can enjoy several hikes which traverse the slopes of the volcano, offering stunning views along the way. In addition to the old architecture and Mount Etna, Sicily is also a seaside destination with a choice between small coves or beautiful sandy beaches.