Posted on 09/09/2021

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The 20 most beautiful rice fields around the globe

Brown rice, wild rice, flavored rice, risotto: there are over 40,000 varieties of rice out there. And as the third most popular grain in the world after corn and wheat, in some countries rice production is an art form in itself! Rich in starch, vitamins and minerals, rice is a staple in many countries, but do you know exactly how it's made? Take a look at these images of the world's most beautiful rice fields.

If you're fed up of traditional holidays, white sands and city breaks, why not set off to discover some of the world's most beautiful rice fields? Many are so picturesque that their views will leave you lost for words. And there's no better way to admire these views than by hiking through the rice fields themselves, where you'll even get to see farmers in action as they harvest their rice!

Reserved solely for the production of rice, rice fields can be found all over the world including, Malaysia, China, Thailand, Indonesia, India and even France! Check out these photos for some magnificent landscapes that are worthy of a visit.

Jatiluwih, Indonesia

© Aliaksandr Mazurkevich/123RF

Nestled beneath Bali's Batukaru volcano, you'll find the incredible Jatiluwih rice paddies. Pay a visit here to admire the miles and miles of spectacularly green views from the top terrace.

Banaue, The Philippines

© Uwe Bauch/123RF

Considered by many who have visited to be the 8th wonder of the world, the Banaue rice fields in the Philippines look out over the country's mountains, providing visitors a view that is simply splendid!


© Zvonimir Atletic/123RF

In India there are so many rice fields that you'll be spoilt for choice! But locals are quick to tell you that the most beautiful are without a doubt those in Tamil Nadu or Anegundi.


© Chanwit Wanset/123rf

For something a bit different, head to Myanmar where you'll find miles of unique square rice fields that sit between Kalaw and Lake Inle.


© Weeris Bualumyai/123RF

In Laos, especially between Prabang and Vang Vien, there are many hiking trails that'll lead you to discover different rice paddies, but all are equally green and breathtaking!

Longsheng, China

© Insung Choi/123RF

When we think about the most beautiful rice fields in the world, we automatically think of China. And for good reason, the famous Longsheng rice fields are worthy of a detour thanks to their superb view over the surrounding mountains!


© szefei/123RF

Malaysia is definitely home to some of the world's most unusual rice fields. The people working in these rice fields always find a way to plant flower beds in the most unlikely of places. Where there's a will, there's a way!


© Kitchakron Sonnoy/123RF

Many inhabitants of Vietnam's Sa Pa District survive on rice-based diets, so it's no surprise that Vietnam houses so many beautiful rice paddies.


© Chuchart Duangdaw/123RF

Thailand has no reason to be jealous when it comes to rice fields because it's home to more than enough beautiful ones. Top tip: travel to the north to admire the country's most spectacular terraces.

Yuanyang, China

© 4045qd/123RF

The Yuanyang rice paddies in China are particularly special as they can be seen even through the clouds as they are so high up in the mountains. A pretty breathtaking sight to behold if you pay a visit in September or November.

Guilin, China

© dndavis/123RF

These large rice fields have been nicknamed "the rice fields of the dragon's back" thanks to their uniquely shaped structures.

Batad, The Philippines

© Alyona Boiko/123RF

Just like the rice fields of Banaue, the rice fields of Batad will not leave you disappointed! Not only are they beautiful but they offer an extraordinary view from one of the many terraces nestled amongst the mountains.


©Ulysse Pixel/123RF

Wedged between both India and China, Bhutan produces red rice. But while its rice is different from that produced in other countries, its rice fields are equally incredible!


© pierivb/123RF

Given that rice is a dietary staple amongst the Malagasy people, of course Madagascar is home to an abundance of rice fields. But to see the most beautiful ones, head to the Betsileo region or Fianarantsoa.

Cancar, Indonesia

© Danaan Andrew Pacleb/123RF

Rice fields in Cancar, Indonesia are particularly cool because they look like a spider's web! It's quite the sight to see from a distance or from above, a man-made masterpiece in nature.

Bac Son, Vietnam

© Kitchakron Sonnoy/123RF

Hidden in the Bac Son Valley in northern Vietnam you'll find numerous rice fields. Whether they are perched along a river or nestled between mountains, they are all worthy of a visit!

Camargue, France

© Lidia Longobardi/123RF

With so many rice fields around the world we mustn't forget the little rice fields found over in Camargue, France. Even if they are a little less impressive in terms of size, our neighbors' rice fields are no less worthy of a visit.

Campuhan, Indonesia

© Chris Putnam/123RF

These stunning rice paddies in Campuhan, Indonesia, are a paradise waiting to explored by hikers. You can even cross them using a marked path, the perfect compromise if you wish to observe nature without getting completely lost!

Pupuan, Indonesia

© Tomas Ciernik/123RF

On the road to Pupuan in Indonesia, travelers can admire the picture-perfect scene of the entire valley as well as the breathtaking rice fields that take center stage.

Tegallalang, Indonesia

© Jan Hruby/123RF

Not far from Ubud, these rice fields are bound to leave you speechless. If you fancy a challenge, you can even hike all the way through the rice to the top terrace for the best panoramic views!