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The 30 most magnificent lakes around the globe
Posted on 13/12/2018


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Otherworldly colors, superb surroundings, fascinating legends: lakes are both undeniably beautiful and infinitely interesting places. Here are the most gorgeous lakes in the world.

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  • Moraine Lake, Canada
    Moraine Lake, Canada

    Situated in the gorgeous Valley of the Ten Peaks, Moraine Lake is one of Canada's most enchanting sights. The glacially fed lake nestled among snow-capped mountains flaunts a distinctive shade of blue, which is guaranteed to take your breath away. The area is also brimming with great hiking trails, and once you reach the peak, you'll be rewarded with splendid views.

  • Lake Hillier, Australia
    Lake Hillier, Australia

    Located on Australia's southwestern coast, Lake Hillier, most commonly known as the Pink Lake, is a biological oddity of great beauty. Its bubblegum pink color contrasts with the surrounding verdant greenery and with the deep blue of the nearby sea, creating an intriguing, otherworldly landscape. And rejoice, the lake is safe to swim in!

  • Lake Nakuru, Kenya
    Lake Nakuru, Kenya

    Best known for its herds of candy-floss pink flamingos, Lake Nakuru boasts wildlife in abundance. Unfortunately rising water levels have led the majority of flamingos to flee the area, but it's still worthy of a visit thanks to the diversity of lions and leopards that call this lake home!

  • West Lake, China
    West Lake, China

    Sprinkled with picturesque temples, pagodas, gardens and artificial islands, Hangzhou's West Lake and its surroundings make for an idyllic postcard-perfect picture. So, it not a shock to discover that this lake is a UNESCO-protected site, especially as it is thought to have been an inspiration for many celebrated poets and artists since the 9th century.

  • Five Flower Lake, China
    Five Flower Lake, China

    This lake nestled in China's stunning Jiuzhaigou National Park is possibly one of the most colorful lakes to find a position on our list.

    Not only are the lake's shallow waters mesmerizingly blue, reminiscent of the turquoise Mediterranean, but the surrounding flora offers some of the best fall foliage in the world. With its red, orange and purple leaves, this lake and its surrounding landscape are an explosion of color.