The 7 best destinations for an alcohol-free holiday
Posted on 03/07/2019


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Looking for a destination where you can enjoy your sobriety in peace? Here are a few perfect places for non-drinkers where you can make the most of your travel experience without the pressure to imbibe!

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  • Santorini, Greece
    Santorini, Greece

    It might come as a surprise, but Santorini is the perfect place for an alcohol-free vacation! Unlike the rowdy island of Mykonos where most travelers' express purpose is to drink and party, Santorini's atmosphere is way calmer, and not as alcohol-centric! While alcohol is readily available, it's not as ingrained in the tourist culture. If you decide to travel to this instantly recognizable white and blue island, chances are you'll spend your days relaxing on the beach, shopping in the island's lovely villages, hiking in the middle of the iconic whitewashed buildings or sitting at restaurants and eating the country's world famous gyros.

  • Malaysia

    Malaysia's alcohol tax is one of the world's highest and alcohol is highly restricted across the entire country. Although drinking is permitted in private locations in some states, others have completely banned alcohol, such as Kelantan and Terengganu. Needless to say that unless you really look for it, you won't find much alcohol in Malaysia! This gives you plenty of time to enjoy the diverse and stunning Malaysian landscapes and alcohol-free attractions, such as the beautiful Batu Caves, the country's iconic series of caves and Buddhist temples.

  • Brunei

    Alcohol is completely forbidden in Brunei, a small state located in Southeast Asia. You won't even have the option to buy alcoholic beverages in local restaurants, bars and shops. Travelers who actually want to drink there can import a limited amount of alcohol but must declare it to local authorities at the airport and keep a customs form with them at all times to avoid any problems. It's definitely not the most convenient way to visit Brunei! Enjoy the stunning architecture of the country's various mosques, its lovely floating village and its virgin rainforests.

  • Peru

    Peru has a particularly large number of delicious traditional beverages that don't contain any alcohol. Among them you'll find the famous juices made with the country's best fresh fruits. Juice stands can be found all around the country, in almost every little market! One of Peru's most popular traditional drinks is Chicha Morada, a refreshment made with dried purple corn: it's regularly consumed by every local and is the perfect drink to accompany your Peruvian meals. In addition to its great taste, Chicha Morada is an excellent antioxidant!

  • Morocco

    Alcohol is not really a large part of Moroccan culture, meaning that you'll rarely find it in local bars, hotels, or shops in villages and towns. This means that the North African country offers tourists many activities that don't involve drinking. One of the best things to do is to visit and hike one of the country's various ancient cities, such as the Ksar of Aït-ben-Haddou, a group of traditional pre-Saharan buildings typical of southern Moroccan architecture. You won't be disappointed by the many markets across the country where you'll find local food and items. The country's alcohol-free culture is perfect for a sober holiday!