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Take a deep breath: the 7 most beautiful lavender fields in the world
Posted on 03/08/2019


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There's nothing prettier than endless fields of lavender blooming during summer! If you hope to see amazing decors of bright blue and purple colors, make sur to visit one of these beautiful lavender fields!

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  • Valensole, France
    Valensole, France

    Feast your eyes on the world's biggest and most famous lavender fields! These endless, sunny expanses are located in Valensole, a picturesque town in Provence. In addition to its impressive lavender fields, the Plateau of Valensole is also famous for its truffles. It takes its name from the Latin vallis and solis which mean valley and sun, and that's exactly what you'll find here! Make sure to visit during the blooming period from mid-June to mid-July to notice a breathtaking explosion of bright purple and blue!

  • Mayfield Lavender, England
    Mayfield Lavender, England

    Mayfield Lavender is a purple paradise located about 14 miles south of London, and it's the perfect place to take a breath of fresh air away from the crowded city! This organic lavender farm is open to the public and you can even book a lovely afternoon tea experience in the middle of the fields for £20. You'll also be able to take a picture of the red London phone booth standing right in the middle of the Mayfield Lavender Farm!

  • Furano, Japan
    Furano, Japan

    Located in the prefecture of Hokkaido, Furano's lavender fields attract thousands of tourists every summer thanks to their unique colorful scenery. What makes it a special place is the many other species of flowers you can find here as well. Along with varieties of lavender, visitors can admire poppies, sunflowers, lilies and even lupins. This eclectic mix gives Furano a colorful and original look. The best place to admire lavender is Farm Tomita, whose lavender fields and surrounding mountains will leave you speechless!

  • Bridestowe Lavender, Australia
    Bridestowe Lavender, Australia

    The impressive 260 acres of French Lavender in the Bridestowe, Australia are part of the world's largest private-owned lavender farm and are definitely worth visiting! The lavender variety that grows in Bridestowe is hand-picked and transformed into oils, skin creams, teas or lavender cakes that you can taste, test and buy at the site's small shop. Visitors often take part in one of the several tours offered at the farm and get pleasantly lost in the beautiful fields of purple flowers!

  • Cotswold Lavender, England
    Cotswold Lavender, England

    The fields found at Cotswold Lavender in Gloucestershire are home to 35 different varieties of lavender and stretch 90 miles. The farm has its own distillery, where harvested lavender is transformed into fine oil. It's open to the public during in summer from June to August during blooming season. There's a charming restored barn on the farm where you can find many organic products composed of lavender, as well as a tea room where you'll be able to spend your afternoon admiring the beauty of the various types of lavender!