The Absolute Worst Christmas Destinations in the World
Posted on 06/12/2017 Modified on 11/12/2017

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Thinking of going somewhere exotic this Christmas? We would recommend avoiding these locations...

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  • French Polynesia
    French Polynesia

    What is Christmas for if not spending time with loved ones, watching the snow form on rooftops and basking in all that festive cheer? If that is your idea of a perfect way of spending the festive season then perhaps you should give Polynesia a miss this year. Geographically speaking it's in the middle of nowhere, which is why it takes a very impressive 24 hours to get there! Once you're there, you'll be out of the loop for the entire time, because the internet connection is almost non-existent. Of course, for some, that might sound like the ideal Christmas?

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  • Dunsdale, England
    Dunsdale, England

    In 2011, the small rural village of Dunsdale became the home of the official Worst Christmas Tree in Britain. Sad and dying, the tree had been recycled from the year before. Local residents complained so much that the council towed the tree away in the quiet of the night, never to be seen again. But what they couldn't tow away was the village's shame, which will take a lot longer to heal?

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  • Laos

    Today Laos is one of the few remaining communist countries in the world, which is why the consumerist spirit of 21st century Christmas is just not felt here. With Buddhism the country's official religion, do not expect to attend Christmas mass. On the plus side, you could certainly find a very cheap Christmas dinner in the form of a bowl of delicious sticky rice.

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  • St. Petersburg, Russia
    St. Petersburg, Russia

    As the Russian Orthodox Church still uses the Julian calendar, Christmas falls on the 7th January. So beware of turning up to St. Petersburg on the 25th in anticipation of Christmas festivities, because you'll be disappointed. Just about the time that you can't manage another mince pie, sherry or cracker, is when the whole city will be getting started.

  • London, United Kingdom
    London, United Kingdom

    On Christmas Day, London, unlike many other capitals around the globe, goes into lockdown. Public transportation slows to a trickle, museums and shops are shuttered, and streets are deserted. The official tourist guide of London even handily reminds tourists that nothing happens on the hallowed day. So unless you have family there to pass the festivities with, London just isn't the place to be.

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There is a multitude of incredible places one can spend Christmas, however perhaps you should give these seven destinations a miss?at least during the festive period.