The best and worst cities for commuters
Posted on 21/11/2017


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Commute times are on the rise, and whilst we'd all rather have a quick and hassle-free journey to work, sometimes it's simply not possible because of where you live. But some cities fare far better than others, so here's our list of the best and worst cities for commuters. Maybe it will tempt you to relocate and hopefully leave those gridlocked morning commutes behind!

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  • Worst: Mexico City, Mexico
    Worst: Mexico City, Mexico

    Mexico City is vibrant and colorful, but its commute is anything but. Crowded streets and jam-packed subways are unfortunately the norm in this bustling city. Move to Mexico City for work and a total of 45 days of your entire year could be spent commuting. Mexico City residents spend an average of 2.5 hours a day commuting and it's no wonder given it's one of the most congested cities on the planet where streets and whole boroughs in complete gridlock is a common occurrence.

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  • Worst: London, United-Kingdom
    Worst: London, United-Kingdom

    In terms of commute lengths, the statistics for the United Kingdom as a whole are rather poor, with UK citizens on average spending 57.1 minutes a day travelling to and from work. Commuter journeys into the capital are longer and even worse! It is estimated that the average Londoner has a commute time of 84 minutes to and from work, but many claim their total journeys from door to desk are more like two hours. London may be a prosperous business city with ample working opportunities, but could you face such a commute every day?

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  • Worst: Seoul, South Korea
    Worst: Seoul, South Korea

    Seoul is the 16th largest city in the world and unfortunately isn't the best in terms of commuting. While the city's high-tech subways and super organized transport system may be impressive, the average commuting time here is 62 mins per day. In addition, statistics demonstrate that 1 in 4 commuters spend over 90 mins commuting and 8 % of the population commutes for 2 hours or more each day.

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  • Worst: Tokyo, Japan
    Worst: Tokyo, Japan

    Despite an extremely efficient and punctual public transport system, it is reported that the Japanese capital of Tokyo is one of the worst cities for commuters. On average, a one-way commute for workers in Tokyo takes around 58 mins, that's just shy of 2 hours spent travelling to work and back every day! Minutes do add up and statistics demonstrate that the average worker in Tokyo spends a ridiculous 17.7 days per year commuting!

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  • Worst: Moscow, Russia
    Worst: Moscow, Russia

    As one of Europe's largest cities, the vast metropolis of Moscow doesn't rank well in terms of commuting times. The city has an average commute time of 43 mins each way although in reality some claim the commute can be a lot longer, anything from one and a half hours to four according to one source. Roads frequently congested, traffic jams are rife and the metro system can easily get overcrowded, especially during rush hour.

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84 minutes or 23 minutes, which would you prefer? We have compiled a list of the very best and very worst commuter cities.