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Camping is not just for summer! Here are the best autumn camping destinations
Posted on 22/10/2018


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As soon as summer ends and temperatures fall, campers are quick to pack away their tents until next year. But why, when fall is the perfect season to reconnect with nature? These are the best places to sleep under the stars this autumn.

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  • Quebec

    Spanning 23 square miles, Quebec's Mont-Orford is definitely a National Park worthy of a visit! If adventure is your thing, the banks of Lake Stukely and Mount Chauve provide visitors with endless opportunities. And if you want to explore the park's nature, choose from the park's many sign-posted paths.

    As evening falls, make sure you wrap up warm so you can make the most of the park's spectacular night show. Set up camp under the stars to watch the sky and the plants glow in an array of breathtaking colors that are near impossible to describe. And you won't struggle to find a spot: the park is home to around 500 camping sites, not to mention the nearby Laurentides, Grandes-Piles, and Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, all of which also boast camping spots that don't close at the end of summer.

  • The American West
    The American West

    Why not check off some bucket list items this fall with a camping trip to Colorado's Rocky Mountains, or Capitol Reef National Park in Utah? Avoid the scorching summer sun with crisp autumn temperatures that'll let you explore to your fullest potential. Fall is without a doubt the best season to take in the Western states' starry skies and diverse landscapes, and what other season lets you admire the final green remnants of summer alongside leaves that are already starting to turn shades of red and orange?

    During fall, you'll be treated to an explosion of color making for a whole host of photographic opportunities! And maybe if you're lucky, you'll get the chance to catch a glimpse of some of the area's impressive fauna. It's also possible to camp in the famed Monument Valley, Yellowstone, or Bryce Canyon.

  • Italy

    Did you know that Italy is one of the best spots in the world for autumn camping? In Europe alone you can find campsites that'll welcome you with open arms well into the fall. Not only is Italy relatively accessible, but at this time of year there aren't many other campers, which makes it the perfect time to catch some peace and quiet!

    It's home to Tuscany, Lombardy and Venice, which all boast breathtaking views as well as autumn temperatures that rarely fall below 60 F (15 C). Whether you want to get lost in the country's endless green forested hills, pitch your tent in front of a Renaissance-era castle, or relax at the edge of one of Tuscany's flower farms, Italy will not disappoint.

  • Mount Lushan, China
    Mount Lushan, China

    There are two reasons why China is a place of dreams when it comes to camping. The first: camping is catching on in China, but slowly, meaning that most places you pitch a tent will be relatively empty. The second: lots of hotels offer campsites, particularly in the mountains near Mount Lushan. Here you can pitch your tent on the edge of West Lake, located around 5,000 feet above sea level.

    And the views from here are something quite special at both sunrise and sunset! But there are so many incredible experiences at your fingertips here, including sleeping on the side of a 5,900-foot cliff or above the rapids of a fiercely flowing river simply hanging from plastic strings in a Canadian-style tent.

  • Trollstigen, Norway
    Trollstigen, Norway

    Why not rent a camper van and head in the direction of Trollstigen this fall? The roads that connect Andalsnes and Valladalen are well known for their breathtaking panoramic views as well as their numerous camping spots. But what other advantages are there of camping in Norway?

    You'll avoid the extortionate tourist prices as Norway is one of the most expensive countries in the entire world! Just pitch your tent or park your camping van wherever you wish. In the evenings, switch off your electronic devices and immerse yourself in the sounds of nature. And for dinner why not even try some fresh fish caught from one of the fjords you came across on your tip?


There are many different types of camping. Some prefer four-star sites with swimming pools, open spaces to relax, furnished mobile homes, etc. Others prefer to spontaneously park up their caravan under a tree in the summer heat, and then there are those who are partial to pitching a tent in the wilderness. Whateverever type of campsite is your cup of tea, camping is a great way to recharge your batteries and get a little closer to Mother Nature herself. And as red and orange leaves fall, there's no better season than fall to discover some of the world's most spectacular landscapes!

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