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These are the best places for dessert around the world
Posted on 10/10/2018 5 shares


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With ice cream, waffles and crepes galore, these ten eateries are sure to give you your sugar fix.

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  • Cool Mess, New York City
    Cool Mess, New York City

    Love ice cream? This New York ice cream parlor will tickle your fancy with its boisterous flavors. From s'mores and red velvet birthday cake to Sophia's You Gotta Be Kiddin' Me dark chocolate sorbet, Cool Mess gives you more than just a mouthful. Bring your wildest dessert dreams to life by indulging in a banana split topped with Reese's sauce and loaded with toppings such as cookie dough and chocolate pretzels. Still suffering from a sweet tooth? Indulge in Cool Mess' signature sundae. With mounds of marshmallow ice cream and gourmet tasty treats, this gluttonous dessert spot will leave you in a sugar-fueled daze.

  • My Old Dutch, London
    My Old Dutch, London

    Dependent on desserts? This Willy Wonka-inspired pancake house will turn any savory bird into a sweet one. Indulge in Roald Dahl concoctions such as sticky toffee pancakes laden with childhood favorites like Kinder eggs, smarties and dollops of whipped cream. Fancy a taste of the big wide world? Crush your cravings with spoils of Dutch delicacies such as poffertjes. These fluffy pancake balls may be small in size, but they're oh so flavorful. Can't handle the calories? Have your pancakes your way with gluten free, vegan and dairy options. This yummy waffle house also sports special offers, with all delicacies available for five pounds on Mondays.

  • Cream Berry, Las Vegas
    Cream Berry, Las Vegas

    This gluttonous ice cream house puts the extra in extravagant. Try all of your savory favorites in a sweet format, such as cotton candy burritos laced with gummy bears and heaping helpings of rainbow ice cream. Situated in Las Vegas, over-indulge in these superfluous dessert concoctions while wading through Sin City.

  • Philippe Chow, New York City
    Philippe Chow, New York City

    Love baked Alaska? Make your own at this creative culinary hotspot. Wrapped in candy floss, inject your sweet concoction with a bunsen burner to reveal your favourite ice cream with vanilla swirls and rainbow toppings. This New York hideout is totally Instagram-worthy.

  • Sugar Factory, Abu Dhabi
    Sugar Factory, Abu Dhabi

    Get your sugar rush at Sugar Factory. From pancakes, crepes and sugar-coated cocktails to the legendary King Kong sundae, this eatery has it all. Spoil yourself with a sumptuous sundae, dripping with chocolate sauce, calorific Nutella-coated churros, crispy waffles, homemade ice cream and more. Thirsty? Have your favorite sweets in your most desired cocktail. Overflowing with liquid nitrogen, sip on a tequila sunrise with fizzy Haribos or a cotton candy cosmo. This sweet spot in Abu Dhabi is sure to give you your sugar fix.


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