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The 10 best destinations for solo travelers over 30
Posted on 04/07/2019


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Traveling alone doesn't have to be just for 20-somethings and under. If you're looking for a solo adventure with plenty of action but feel you're "ageing out" of the hostel scene, read on!

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  • 1. Argentina
    1. Argentina

    Full of rugged mountains, dynamic urban escapes and lush countryside, Argentina is the perfect getaway for almost everyone. But for solo travelers over 30 it's even more dynamic. Check out the puertas cerradas, or closed doors, in Buenos Aires. These chef-run restaurants require a reservation quite far in advance, and most are run out of the chef's home. Family-style dining among small groups encourages a convivial atmospere, ensuring that those traveling solo won't feel quite so alone! Additionally, Patagonia's rugged, remote landscape can be easily explored with a group tour, most of which are full of other solo travelers and curious small groups. Mendoza is the perfet place to unwind, with over 1,200 vineyards to choose from. You can cycle the region by yourself, or join a tasting tour full of other like-minded visitors.

  • 2. Vietnam
    2. Vietnam

    Vast, verdant rice fields, powdery white sand beaches and rich cultural heritage are all waiting for visitors to Vietnam. While packaged group tours sometimes cater to solo travelers, Vietnam is relatively easy to do solo. If you do decide to go it alone, stick to high-end or luxury hostels. It might seem like an oxymoron, but paying a bit extra for a luxury or design hostel means you're most likely to be around travelers in your same age bracket. Some may look more like boutique hotels than traditional hostels. There are also a number of homestays that offer a glimpse of local life.

    Hiring transport or taking buses is a simple affair here as well. If you have some experience, renting a scooter or motorbike is a great way to get around, but if not, it's quite easy to hire a driver to take you from A to B.

  • 3. Peru
    3. Peru

    Small group tours are the name of the game in Peru, from dune bashing to Amazon jungle treks. So many people are hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu that you're bound to meet many other solo travelers in your same position. You'll even meet other travelers if you choose to do a group tour! The Amazon can only be experienced with a guided tour, meaning that you're sure to meet other tourists traveling alone and looking for company. The famous Nazca and Palpa Lines, created by a pre-Incan civilization, can only be seen from the air. It's easy to find other solo travelers willing to hop on a prop plane to split the cost.

  • 4. Tanzania
    4. Tanzania

    From the savanna of the Serengeti to the blissful beaches of Zanzibar, a number of lodges and accomodation options have started catering to solo travelers. This means that not only will you not be paying for a double room, you'll have plenty of options for meeting other like-minded tourists. There are a number of safaris and camps that cater specifically to those traveling alone, or those looking for a more social travel experience.

    Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is also a great option for individuals traveling alone. You can either find a small group of people who are interested in the trek and with whom you're willing to spend one week climbing the mountain, or just sign onto a tour and meet a brand new group of people. Tanzania hasn't yet become hugely popular as a backpacking or solo travel destination, and it isn't the easiest to get to. This means you're more likely to find adventurous visitors in their early 30s and up.

  • 5. Croatia
    5. Croatia

    Croatia is easily accessible via buses and trains, and the islands of the Dalmatian Coast are well connected to the mainland by ferry. It's simple to get around with or without a car, and there are a wide array of guesthouses and hostels suitable for all age ranges. While party hostels are common, the country is also full of plenty of places where you can take it easy and where relaxed, low-key nights are more common. City walking tours, pub crawls, island-hopping trips and group tours also cater to solo travelers looking to meet new people.