Posted on 21/01/2020

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The best free museums in the UK

Looking for something cheap and cheerful? Save on these 7 free museums across the UK.

The UK's best free museums

The UK's best free museums Gabriel Murad / 123RF

Looking for a day out that won't break the bank? These 7 free museums across the UK have something for everyone, rain or shine!

National Football Museum, Manchester

National Football Museum, Manchester Graeme Lamb / 123RF

The world's largest and most comprehensive football museum is located right in Manchester. With six levels of exhibits, it's an absolute bargain regardless of whether or not you're a football fan. Exhibits detail England's role in world football over the years, the variety of stadiums found across the world, and details on the humble beginnings of the world's most popular football clubs. There's even the Hall of Fame to honor those who've contributed to the game.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow Leonid Andronov / 123RF

With 22 galleries covering a variety of subjects, the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow is one of Scotland's best. And it's completely free! Opened in 1901 and housed in a majestic building, the museum has exhibitions on everything from art to ancient Egpyt. Both its temporary and permanent collections are free to the public.

National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh

National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh Christian Muller / 123RF

This massive museum located in Edinburgh hosts events and exhibits on a variety of subjects. The building's massive atrium with its white columns and multiple levels is also worth seeing on its own, but galleries about art, design, fashion, and the natural world are sure to please as well. Wander through the futuristic displays of the science and technology galleries, or learn about our diverse planet in the world culture galleries. Discover Scotland's place in the world through the Scottish history and archaeology exhibits. Two brand new galleries have even been opened: one dedicated to ancient Egypt and one to East Asia. And all of it's free!

V&A Museum of Childhood, London

V&A Museum of Childhood, London basphoto / 123RF

Closed only from December 24-26, this museum in London is perfect for families with children but will delight those of all ages. Workshops are held for young and old, and its collection of clothing, toys, furniture and learning tools from the 18th century onward includes one of the oldest rocking horses in Britain. Thousands of photographs show the evolution of the playground across the UK, and over a hundred doll houses are on display. Bring your children or your inner child, all for free!

Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Wakefield

Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Wakefield Natasha Walton / 123RF

This free, open-air museum in Yorkshire is the perfect place to get some culture and fresh air at the same time. Gone are the stuffy constraints of a typical museum. Here you can wander freely among world-class sculptures and installations for free. Artists such as Damien Hirst and Ai Weiwei have their work exhibited here, and temporary exhibitions rotate throughout the year. It's a beautiful space to discover art and architecture and you only have to behave yourself a little bit because it's outside!

St. Fagans National History Museum, Cardiff

St. Fagans National History Museum, Cardiff Phil Bird / 123RF

Also known as the National Museum of Wales, the exquisite gardens and manor house dating back to the late 16th century can all be roamed for free. St. Fagans Castle was donated to the people of Wales by the Earl of Plymouth in 1948. Even better, the museum is a working farm where you can take courses and workshops in animal husbandry. These aren't free, but admiring the beautifully restored houses, barn, and greenry is! Here you'll earn about the history of Wales from prehistory up until the present, and the museum doubles as a wildlife sanctuary for bats, birds and other animals.

Royal Armouries, Leeds

Royal Armouries, Leeds Lucian Milasan / 123RF

While it may not look the part now, the Royal Armouries is the oldest museum in the UK. It was moved from the tower of London to a new building in Leeds, and holds a massive collection of arms and armour from the UK and around the globe. Exhibitions and educational lectures on weaponry, history and conflict are also held at the museum, and it even hosts a movie night!

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