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The best museums to visit in South America
Posted on 25/06/2018

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If you are looking to travel to South America, a visit to one of their museums is essential to your trip. This beautiful continent holds some of the world's finest museums, all of which cannot be missed. Fret not, we have a compiled a list of South America's greatest museums. With each museum bursting with multitudinous masterpieces and breath-taking exhibits, there is something for every traveller.

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  • Pinacoteca do Estado, S„o Paulo
    Pinacoteca do Estado, S„o Paulo

    This gorgeous visual arts museum was founded in 1905 by the state government, making it the city's oldest museum. The Pinacoteca focuses on Brazilian production from the 19th century to the present day. It holds one of Brazil's largest collections of 19th century paintings and sculptures, whilst also housing multiple pieces of Brazilian Modernist artwork. The picture gallery's vast selection of exhibits has made it a favourite amongst tourists and locals. A visit to this extraordinary museum is sure to be the pinnacle of your trip.

  • Museo Larco, Peru
    Museo Larco, Peru

    Housed in an 18th century mansion, Museo Larco is a privately-owned museum of pre-Colombian art. In this exquisite museum, visitors are immersed into its wealth of exhibits, ranging from its shelves of over 30,000 catalogued ancient pottery artefacts, to the exciting permanent exhibition, which consists of a variety of impressive objects. The museum's breath-taking garden which surrounds it and the park outside is an experience not to be missed.

  • El Museo del Oro, Colombia
    El Museo del Oro, Colombia

    The Gold Museum, located in Colombia's capital, is a fascinating display of pre-Colombian gold and alloys. The museum is a gold-mine of information as it houses an impressive near 20,000 pieces of ceramics and textiles, and close to 34,000 pieces of gold, making it the world's largest collection of gold artifacts. This luxurious museum is fit for royalty and will leave you with information worth its weight in gold.

  • Museo Juan Manuel Fangio, Argentina
    Museo Juan Manuel Fangio, Argentina

    Museo Juan Manuel Fangio is a specialty museum, which focuses on the life of Juan Manuel Fangio, the Argentine Formula One driver who won the World Drivers' Championship a grand total of five times. The museum, which opened in 1986 in the presence of the legendary driver, houses a collection of over fifty cars and a selection of iconic photographs and trophies. The life story of this Argentinian racing idol is comprehensive and will interest all. A visit to this museum is sure to drive any car-lover wild with excitement.

  • National Museum of Ethnography and Folklore, Bolivia
    National Museum of Ethnography and Folklore, Bolivia

    This modern museum, located near the city centre, is an excellent display of Bolivia's diversity. One can admire the meticulously designed masks, explore the museum's library, and even participate in one of the scheduled dance or art classes. With extensive sections filled with objects relating to Bolivia's rich culture and tradition, such as areas dedicated to textiles and ceremonial masks, this museum is sure to mesmerise all.


Have a read of our article on 'The best museums to visit in South America' to be inspired to visit some of these incredible museums teemed with the most impressive art. Even if you're not an art lover, be sure to have a read as we guarantee there will be at least one museum from our list that will catch your eye.