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The best of the Polynesian islands
Posted on 17/05/2018 , Modified on 18/05/2018

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Thinking about heading to one of the Polynesian islands this summer? These islands are varied, exotique and are proof that heaven really is a place on earth.

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  • American Samoa
    American Samoa

    American Samoa is a very small territory that belongs to the United States. It is situated in the center of the South Pacific, about 2,500 miles south of Hawaii. Ninety percent of volcanic peaks, thick rainforests and pristine coral reefs in this beautiful tropical place are virgin landscapes. What's more, you can dive or swim in the crystalline waters and immerse yourself in the colorful and ancient culture of this place.

  • Tuvalu

    Located in the South Pacific, Tuvalu is a picture-perfect collection of nine islands that sit about halfway between Hawaii and Australia. In terms of physical land size, Tuvalu is the fourth-smallest country in the world. To make the most of the country, it is best to experience the wonderful waters of the Pacific Ocean through aquatic activities such as diving or snorkeling. In the evening you can experience a traditional dance by heading to the nearest Maneapa (town hall). Various cultural and traditional ceremonies are held year-round in the town hall.

  • The Cook Islands
    The Cook Islands

    There is a lot to do in the Cook Islands. The main island of Rarotonga offers a varying range of activities, events, accommodation and entertainment. On the Cook Islands you can choose to be as busy or as relaxed as you wish! The islands are a paradise that invite you to come and escape workplace stress, soak in the sun and experience at firsthand Polynesian culture. We often think of the Pacific Islands as incredibly expensive and exotic destinations but this island is surprsingly very affordable.

  • Tonga

    Tonga has plenty of adventure holiday activities that accomodate to everyone. If you are travelling to Tonga between June and November make sure you go and see some humpback whales. Whale watching is a very popular activity amongst tourists as male whales tend to sing! Tonga's coral reefs provide great beauty and variety for scuba diving and snorkeling. Furthermore, fully equipped boats and equipment can be hired. In addition, for surfers and everyone, there is a world standard surfing beach on the island of 'Eua'.

  • Norfolk Island
    Norfolk Island

    Norfolk Island is a unique island with friendly locals. The local language is a mix of colonial English and Tahitian. This tiny 8km by 5km island is located between Australia and New Zealand in the middle of the South Pacific. This holiday destination is the perfect place for amateur photographers. The island offers amazing natural attractions, unusual birds and many exotic locations.