New Year's Eve: the best places to welcome 2019
Posted on 28/11/2018


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As New Year's Eve creeps up on us, you're bound to be feeling the unavoidable pressure to have the greatest night of your life, again! But don't worry we have you covered, from breathtaking fireworks in Sydney to all-night beach parties in Goa, here are our suggestions on how to ring in 2019.

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  • Samoa

    For those who enjoy some fun in the sun and exercising their bragging rights, this is the ideal destination. Samoa is the first country to welcome the New Year, making it the perfect spot to ring in 2019. Many resorts organize New Year celebrations, but staying in smaller villages offers visitors a chance to see local traditions and inaugurate 2019 the Samoan way. And who can complain about sunshine and sand on January 1st?

    Even more interesting, visitors can be among the first and the last to experience 2019. Right next door, American Samoa is the last place on Earth to welcome the New Year, and flights run in between the islands, lasting about 40 minutes.

  • Sydney, Australia
    Sydney, Australia

    Party animals will relish being in Australia's largest city to celebrate the new year. And with temperatures around 30° C in January, visitors will be hard pressed to find a better locale. The incredible fireworks displayed over Sydney Harbour are watched by millions and are among the first to go off at the start of the New Year, so why not see it in person?

  • Singapore

    Slick, modern and effervescent, Singapore is an obvious choice. With everything from beach parties to cozy picnics beneath the fireworks, the city-state is chock-full of options to suit everyone's idea of the perfect night out. And fireworks aren't the only thing on display in Singapore. Marina Bay sports an array of jaw-dropping light projections in addition to its show-stopping fireworks spectacle.

  • Madeira, Portugal
    Madeira, Portugal

    Considering its size, it may be surprising to hear that Madeira is home to one of the largest fireworks displays in the world comes December 31st. In fact, back in 2010 it even won the Guinness World Record for the ?Largest Firework Display in the World'. So, yes these impressive fireworks are a reason in their own right to spend New Year's Eve in Madeira, but celebrations here are much more than just one night of color!

    Why not arrive in Funchal a week beforehand and spend your entire holiday building up to the big night? In the run up to New Year's Eve there's never a dull day in Funchal, the capital of the Madeira archipelago. Whether you are enjoying a traditional live music performance at Avenida Arriaga or Christmas choirs at Sé Cathedral, New Year's Eve here will not disappoint!

  • Lapland, Sweden
    Lapland, Sweden

    If you want a New Year's you are guaranteed never to forget, why not head to the Arctic? Forget boozy parties followed by unpleasant hangovers, a trip to Swedish Lapland will be an everlasting memory.

    For the big night head to Abisko National Park, and take the picturesque chairlift up to the Abisko Mountain Station. Up here, thanks to the lack of pollution, your chances of seeing the Northern Lights are at an all time high. And with a colourful sky like this, who needs New Year's Eve fireworks?