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The best sleeper train journeys in the world
Posted on 19/03/2018

TransportUnited Kingdom

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Relax and immerse yourself in some old world charm by taking one of these 10 incredible sleeper train journeys this year.

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  • Trans-Siberian Express
    Trans-Siberian Express

    It is hard to think of a more iconic train route than the Trans-Siberian. At an extraordinary 9,289 kilometres (5,772 miles) long, it is the second longest railway line in the world surpassed only by the Yiwu - Madrid railway line. On your journey from Moscow to Vladivostok, which will take you just under a week you will pass through a whopping 8 time zones! If you are looking for luxury and have money to spend opt for the Golden Eagle. With your very own butler and round the clock 5-star service you will feel like royalty as you travel across Russia's numerous landscapes.

  • Paris - Istanbul
    Paris - Istanbul

    It must be said that the Trans-Siberian shares its iconic status with another railway line which connects Paris to Istanbul, operated by the famous Orient Express service. Unfortunately the original Orient Express service ceased to operate in 2009, however since then the route has been taken over by the luxury Venice Simplon Orient Express. If it is old-world class and romance you are looking for then it is time to start saving up for your very own journey on the Orient Express.

  • Madrid - Lisbon
    Madrid - Lisbon

    Your train journey from Madrid to Lisbon will take only around 10 hours, a significantly shorter trip than the two we mentioned previously. And while this means that you can jump on the train in the morning and arrive but early evening we would still recommend opting for the night option. The train service connecting these two European culture capitals is exceptional, and significantly less expensive than other entries on this list, with a first class private compartment costing no more than 200 euros.

  • London - Fort William, Scotland
    London - Fort William, Scotland

    The Caledonia Sleeper which chugs through the night from London's Euston Station to Fort William in the Scottish Highlands is one of the United Kingdom's most iconic rail journeys. While the carriages are not exactly luxurious and most of the splendid rural scenery through which you will travel will be hidden by the cover of darkness, there is nothing quite like waking up in your compartment and seeing the sun rise over the Highlands.

  • Berlin - Malmo, Sweden
    Berlin - Malmo, Sweden

    The Berlin Night Express has one thing on other more luxurious European train services - it can cross the sea! Thanks to a specially adapted ferry this legendary train can travel all the way from the German capital over the Baltic Sea and on to its final destination in Malmo, Sweden. However, a word of warning the service only operates for a short period of time each summer and with tickets at around 40 euros, be sure to book well in advance.


It is difficult to argue against air travel being the most practical way of getting from point A to point B. But don't you sometimes wish you could take things a bit slower and actually enjoy the journey to your destination? This is why we cannot recommend enough taking a sleeper train in 2018. While it may take you longer to get to your final destination we guarantee that the journey will be one you will be remembering for the rest of your life.